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Excerpt: Decision Maker (Anniversary of the Veil, Book 2)

I already shared an excerpt from Protector, the first book in my fantasy series Anniversary of the Veil. I also recently released the part 2 of the series, Decision Maker. Here is a little sample from Anniversary of the Veil, Book 2.


She came to meet him as one of them, one of the Lesser beings their leader, Amorannyn, known to the Lessers as Hand of Fate, placed into the weave of the world to amuse them all. Soft, golden colored locks of hair enveloped her face and streamed across her breasts down to her waist. Her bright blue eyes held resolve and a challenge. You will not cause me to change my mind, they seemed to say. Rhyssa's essence filled the lush spring meadow they met in, as it could not all be contained in this Lesser's body she wore.
Her essence called his own to her, just as it had so long ago when they first knew each other, first met in this meadow. How she hoped to live without him, Kraytan couldn't imagine. He willed his own essence to form into the body of a Lesser too. He stood in front of her, his skin dark brown, his legs long and muscled, just like the first men of the world Amorannyn created to amuse them all.
He walked to stand before her, challenge thick in his voice, "Is this how you want me, Rhyssa? Because there is no need to leave me for that wish to come true. All you can have in the Lessers' world can exist here too."
Rhyssa laughed, a sound of birds singing in springtime. She ran her hand along the muscles in his arm, sending sparks all through his body. "You are mimicking a man from the wrong world, Forever Husband. I am bound for the world where the Life Force flows in all, as all were created in our image."
Kraytan pulled his arm out of her grasp and changed into her copy. "So this is what you want? There is no need to tear your essence apart to have your copy, Forever Wife."
She laughed again, then her form disintegrated into pure white light, speckled with gold and silver. Her essence enveloped him, called him to blend with hers.
"Come with me. It will be fun. We will have the power to shape the world, it will not be just boring observation as it is now."
He let go of his own physical form and allowed his essence, red with a hint of yellow and white, to entwine with Rhyssa's. "This is how it should be, forever."
"Forever is a long time and all is always the same here. Do you not want to have some fun, a diversion from all this sameness?" Rhyssa's essence found ways to entwine with his even more tightly.
Kraytan broke the connection and his essence took the form of an essence body, a human shaped being of pure Life Force.
She pulled away from him, once again stood before him as a beautiful golden-haired girl. "I am going. I want to have fun. Please come with me."
"No. Too many things can go wrong with this immature game. I've seen them begin to use their Life Force down there. How long before they realize just how much more of it you, and the rest of you idiots, have to use? How long before something goes wrong?" Kraytan's red essence throbbed and pulsed, burned.
"We are not stupid and there is nothing to worry about. We are the Higher, beings made purely of the Life Force. How could the Lessers ever learn to wield the tiny amount of the Life Force they contain to ever threaten one of us? You worry too much, Kraytan, and you are no fun. When you begin to miss me too much, come after me. If I do not return before then."


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