Sunday, January 6, 2013

A blend of Women's Fiction and Romance

Woman of Substance by Annette Bower is a blend of women’s fiction and romance. Women’s fiction includes subjects and themes that range beyond romance. Woman of Substance is a contemporary story where Robbie is the star of the story and her growth and emotional development is foremost. However, Woman of Substance is a story that centers primarily on women and on society’s view of women’s bodies. This is a subject women can relate to in their real lives.
Professor Jake Proctor and his dying grandfather Frank are catalysts for her growth and in this book the hero, Jake Proctor, may be waiting for Robin at the end of her journey, if he can forgive her deception with love.
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Annette said...

Thank you for stopping by and reading the promotion of Woman of Substance. I appreciate every reader.

Debby said...

I never know what makes one a book women's fiction and another one not.
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Brenda Gayle said...

This sounds like a very interesting premise. I like the blending of romance and women's fiction and find myself drifting more and more in that direction.

Catherine Lee said...

I agree that it sounds like an interesting premise and story.
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Annette said...

Hello Debby,
Good question. Women's fiction has a bigger picture then the category romance. They are usually longer and the woman's story and women's issues are important. The hero may be there at the end.
I found this arrival helps point put some of the differences.

Annette said...

Hello Brenda,
So often I find that my reading changes with the time and place I am in my life. It is sort of like food sometimes a quick bite of something will satisfy the appetite whereas other times something with sticking power or comfort is what is needed for satisfaction.
Thank you for stopping by.
Yours truly,
Annette Bower

Annette said...

Hello Catherine Lee,
Thank you for stopping by. I'm happy that you think the premise has promise of interest to readers.
Yours truly, Annette Bower