Sunday, January 6, 2013

Comic books, Monty Python, and Improv Comedy

We've had a great time previewing the first of our our YA/Middle School series, THE DARE CLUB, and we're so thankful to everyone at GoddessFish, and to you, our readers, for making it a success!

The pedigree of THE DARE CLUB: NITA is an odd one, but odd in a good way. It's not surprising, considering our background. Howard (Kim "Howard" Johnson) is a longtime friend of the Monty Python group, and has, among other things, authored several books on the group. He's also performed, directed, and taught improvisational comedy at Chicago's iO, Second City, and numerous other venues.

And Laurie (Laurie Bradach) is, among many other things, a former comic book publisher--one whose most successful title was sold to Dreamworks.

And when you put two brains like that together, the result is THE DARE CLUB. Our first book, THE DARE CLUB: NITA, is the first of a series perfect for Middle School and YA readers, packed with action, romance, mystery, and plenty of dares, pranks and intrigue! It's Nancy Drew for the new Millennium!

Be sure to check out the free preview of Chapter One, posted here earlier, and keep watching the Party Pavillion for a free bonus--a preview of Chapter Two!

And join us all this week on our review tour, masterfully organized by goddessfish.

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About the authors:

Kim “Howard” Johnson has written comic books for Marvel, DC, and Event Comics. He is a director of improvisational comedy, an actor, and is rumored to hang around with the Monty Python gang. Howard’s other books include Monty Python’s Tunisian Holiday and The Funniest One in the Room.

Laurie Bradach has nearly escaped the world of comics. Currently, she devotes her time to writing action-adventure stories without the use of word balloons. She is active in her local Romance Writers of America chapter, Heart and Scroll, and is also a founding member of Random Moon Books. Laurie is also the author of A Good Draw, a romantic suspense novel.

Howard and Laurie are delighted to have written their first book together without killing each other. Be sure to look for the second book in the series, The Dare Club: Lindy.

And don't forget a little something for older readers--Laurie's A Good Draw--western romance, adventure, and mystery like you've never seen it! All that and more on


Tamara Carlisle said...

Oh, if I hadn't already bought the book a little while ago, you really would have gotten my attention with the Monty Python reference! I think I can recite "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" by heart. As much as I love all the crazy things going on in that movie, I think I love Graham Chapman's earnest reactions just as much. Best. Straight Man. Ever. Now I'm really looking forward to reading the book!

Laurie Bradach said...

I patterned one of the adult characters after John Cleese--see which one you think it is! If Hollywood comes calling, we'll be ready!

Debby said...

WE really need books like these for our younger readers. Thanks
debby236 at gmail dot com