Sunday, January 6, 2013

Why I wrote Woman of Substance

My stories are more relationship stories than true romance. I enjoy discovering what is under the persona that we present to the world whether it is a costume, affected, or learned response to situations. I write to discover more about people. I am interested in why people do what they do. I research, read and write to try and understand and then perhaps share the tiny bit of what I have learned with my reader through a well told story.
We have all met a man who we hope would grow to understand the importance of many things in a woman’s life and when we found him we hoped for a long term relationship. But this takes time. The relationships in Woman of Substance are built upon a foundation of friendship and shared experiences which can lead to a long term love.
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Debby said...

Thanks for sharing. Sounds great!
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Annette said...

Hi Debby,
You are welcome. Thank you for stopping by.
Yours truly,
Annette Bower