Sunday, January 6, 2013

Seven Vices and the Anniversary of the Veil Series

I shared the seven virtues earlier, so now it’s time to share the vices. It’s only fair that way ;)

Lust: This is something that my main character, Protector Kiyarran, struggles with for much of the story. Though, to be completely fair, his lust is borne entirely out of love. However, lust borne of prohibition has been known to lead to dire occurrences and sad situations, but I don’t want to give too much away.

Gluttony: Kiyarran is always hungry. It has led him to stealing food from the kitchens at the castle and lusting after the serving maids.

Greed: The greed for power and control is one of the main threads in Protector, primarily as concerns the Head Priest Rhaldan and his desire to keep the status quo, and the Priesthood in control, at all cost.

Sloth: This one will come through later in the story, though former Catalysts have been known to waste away their vast potential and skill due to this sin.

Wrath: King Ardnan is a very angry man. He will risk much once his wrath spills over.

Envy: Kiyarran envies those who can still enjoy the blissful ignorance, after he learns the true purpose and role of Protectors of the Realm.

Pride: Kiyarran is quite arrogant and proud of his skills and abilities in the beginning. Also, the Priests, and especially Head Priest Rhaldan are very sure of their superiority, and that it is justified. Because of this conviction Rhaldan will make choices and perform actions not in keeping with his highest purpose of striving towards peace and harmony in the realm. Comeuppance for all the prideful will ensue by the end of the story.


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Amazing how most people can name the vices but not as many virtues.
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