Sunday, January 6, 2013

Medicine Man I: The Chief of All Time excerpt 2

The child blinked her large eyes. Not green now. Not
glowing. He’d been cursed on every hunt. Others landed fat
deer, numerous quail, fat rabbits and even the old men came
upon a lost buffalo bull. He came home with a thin halfstarved
squirrel, if luck favored him at all.

His wife cowered in the snow; her silent sobs made her
shoulders shake. Her fault. How else could this have
happened? She never wanted the others in their home. The
mid-wife had never come to see them, and his wife never
went into the village center. She always stayed out here, away
from everyone else.

He knew what he had to do. He couldn’t lose what little
he had. When he started towards the circle of lodges and the
bright central fire of the meeting circle, his wife scrambled to
her feet and started to follow him, making noises that echoed
in his head, but didn’t form words. She became an annoying
insect swarm of sound, and he smacked that sound away,
taking step after step through the blowing snow. He’d leave
the child. He couldn’t kill it. No, that would only make
whatever evil had spawned it angrier. If he took his wife and
his belongings and left, the blizzard would hide them, no one
would even miss them if they ever realized they were there to
start with.

And the evil grasped in his hand would be someone else’s

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