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Seven Virtues and the Anniversary of the Veil Fantasy Series

Wondering what they are? Read on :)

Chastity: This one is most evident as concerns the order of Protectors of the Realm. As it has often been the case, the end result of mandatory chastity is not quite as virtuous as it is meant to be.

Temperance: None of the main characters truly exercise this virtue, but it would be much better if they did. For all concerned.

Charity: Both King Ardnan and Princess Issiyanna wish to make the realm a good place to live for all. The Priests also, in pursuit of their higher purpose, exercise charity towards those less fortunate.

Diligence: Performing one’s duty and doing it well is certainly one of the main themes of Protector. None, save perhaps First Captain of the Protectors, Entan, are guilty of not being diligent in this. Though, to be fair, his dereliction of duty comes from love and care.

Patience: Not prevalent at all. They all want what they want, and will take steps to get it. The main character, Protector Kiyarran, believes patient waiting will solve all his problems, but ultimately he just does not have enough patience to wait.

Kindness: Both Princess Issiyanna and Kiyarran are kind, just not always to each other. Though kindness saves the day in many situations throughout the book.

Humility: Despite being one of the strongest and most powerful Protectors in years and years, Kiyarran remains humble throughout the book. Humility certainly balances out his youthful pride and arrogance.

But what about the deadly vices you ask? That’s coming up in a future post ;)


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