Sunday, January 6, 2013

Playing For Keeps

Here's the blurb - and the beautiful cover - from Playing For Keeps, Book III of the Claddagh Series, available now from Highland Press:

He fled life in the shadows for a life in the limelight
Never as dutiful as his older brother, Lucas was a thinker, and a dreamer of dreams. When tragedy overtook his family, he fled to the bright lights of the stage. Can he make the Shannon Theatre Troupe a success – or is he doomed to once again be “the other son?”
She sought the past she barely remembered.
Mary Kathryn O’Brien returns to the genteel world her mother left behind – but can Irish Katie ever truly hope to belong? Or will old wounds and new rivalries destroy the threads of family forever?
Lucas and Katie must battle prejudice and buried secrets before they can learn to trust each other. Is their love just a brief intermission, or are they Playing For Keeps?


Tamara Carlisle said...

I just purchased the book. You got me with the Celtic scroll work (I really am a sucker for all things Celtic)and the story sounds wonderful as well. I look forward to reading it! Best of luck to you during your Goddess Fish Tour!

Cynthia Owens said...

Thanks, Tamara, seems you and I are kindred spirits! I've been in love with Ireland and all things Irish for as long as I can remember. Thanks so much for purchasing "Playing For Keeps." I hope you like it so much you'll want to read the first 2 books in the series. ;) Thanks for the good wishes!

Debby said...

Sounds like a very emotional book. I am adding it to my list.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Cynthia Owens said...

Thanks, Debby, hope you enjoy! :)

Carin said...

This looks to be a great premise for a novel. I will be adding it to my TBR list. Thanks Carin
mawmom at gmail dot com

Cynthia Owens said...

Thanks, Carin, hope you enjoy! :)