Sunday, January 6, 2013

How Woman of Substance came about

In 2011, I participated in the Brenda Novak on-line auction for diabetes. Soul Mate Publishing donated a fifty page critique. When I read, ”Whether you enjoy traditional romance or are searching for stories that push the limits, you'll find what you're looking for. We are NOT the same old thing!” on the webpage, I hoped this would be the place for my manuscript.
My story didn’t quite meet the usual contemporary romance or the women’s fiction guidelines. I watched the bids carefully and won. Therefore diabetes and I were winners.
I submitted my first fifty pages and Ms. Gilbert replied with many helpful suggestions and encouraged me to revise the novel and resubmit because she “got” my story. I cried.
I revised, resubmitted and Ms. Gilbert offered a contract. Woman of Substance became available on 12/12/2012.
Many of the Soul Mate authors have published early in their writing careers. I have not. I worked at the craft and found support through writers groups, published short stories and soon, two novels. Woman of Substance is my second published novel.
My advice to writers is look for opportunities to submit your work, and if a charity wins as well as you. All the better.
Good night and thank you all for coming to the Goddess Fish Party Pavilion. Good night Judy and Marianne.

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Debby said...

What a wonderful story. Diabetes research, you and now us. We all benefit.\debby236 at gmail dot com

Catherine Lee said...

I've been a bidder in Brenda's auctions and won a couple of things. It's such a worthy cause.
catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

Annette said...

Dear Debby,
Thank you for the compliment. I knew Diabetes research and I benefited from the bid. It is kind of you to say that readers benefit as well.
Yours truly,

Annette said...

Dear Catherine Lee,
Brenda Novak finds so many great donations. Something for everyone, writers, readers and the general public.
I'm glad that you have bid and won as well.
Thanks for dropping by.
Yours truly,