Sunday, April 1, 2012

A word from the authors

FORSAKEN:  to withdraw companionship, protection, or support from somebody

The countdown has begun to the launch of the Forsaken Series, a dark edgy, paranormal erotic romance series featuring vampires, dragons, demons, and other mystical beings of yesteryore.

This series is fast paced, edgy, with enough twists and turns to keep the readers guessing til the last page. - Elise Whyles

When we started talking about this series, we wanted to do something different than what we saw on the market today, something fun, exciting, with a bit of a darker spin on it. Thus the Forsaken Series was born. Every book is a stand alone, yet they fit together with ease.

Our aim was to use mythical creatures we don't often see, and give them life. A life tht appeals to the reader. Some are easier than others but all have one thing in common - love sets them free.

Its our hope that our readers will love these books, the characters, the settings, the danger and the romance with as much enjoyment as we get from writing them.

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