Sunday, April 1, 2012

Who would you choose?

Who would you choose?

In a discussion on my personal Facebook page the subject arose, who would I choose if my books were made into movies? Oh, the delicious world of options was opened before me, and I searched the internet for pictures that matched the picture in my mind.  This turned out to be harder than I thought, and I was only able to come up with a few, but I want to share all the yummy deliciousness with you...

"A Secure Heart" Jacob Cook~Eric Dane
"A Secure Heart" ~Jacob Cook is a black-ops hottie

Cherish Tyrone~ Ashley Greene

"The Society of Sinners"~ Cherish the accidental vampire

Julien Dubois~ Olivier Martinez

"Wicked Sinners"~ Sorcier Julien the hottest and most powerful man on earth

Taylor Powell~ Taylor Noble~ and yes this is the REAL Taylor

"The Society of Sinners"~ Taylor finds her werewolf~ This is the "real" Taylor and my best friend

Caitlin LaRue~Cameron Diaz

"Danger Undercover"~ Caitlin my very first character =)

Lena Simmons~ Amanda Bynes

"Danger Undercover"~ Lena is the character most modeled after myself, and appears in almost every one of my books, not only because I cannot let her go, but because she is also the most requested character by fans.

Paul Re'Vone~ Joe Manganiello 

 "Undefeated"~ Paul is the sexy MMA fighter that is haunted by the death of his wife 

I have so many characters that I did not list and perhaps I will get to them.  I have one in particular that I would like to share with you........another day =)
If you've ever read any of my books then I'd love to hear your opinion.  Who would you chose to play as one of my characters?  Or if you've not gotten the chance to read one of my stories then is there a book that you want to weigh in on with your choice?

Charity Parkerson~ Sinners Series


Regina Puckett said...

They actually look just like I pictured your characters as I was reading your books. Hot sexy men falling in love with hot sexy woman. You have got to love stories that.

Charity said...

Thank you :- )

Mysti Holiday said...

Olivier Martinez -- YUM. Just really, really yum....

Charity said...

I know!!! The first time I saw a picture of him I sighed.

Shadow said...

Great lineup of characters. Thanks for sharing!