Sunday, April 1, 2012


Here is an excerpt from GHOSTLY JUSTICE and some prebub reviews.

After all these years, I could finally feel something. It was as if a jolt of electricity surged through me, and my heart almost began to beat again.
At first, I didn’t know what caused it. I only knew an undeniable force drew me to my bedroom window. With each step, the tingle of fingernails tracking down my spine increased. The thought passed through me, maybe I should be afraid. But really, what was there to be afraid of? It couldn’t get worse. What’s worse than being dead?
I floated toward the window. Two girls were walking in front of the house. They looked about my age, maybe younger – fifteen, sixteen. I was drawn to the one with the dark curly hair. Her friend called her Daria. I reached out my hand, called her name. She looked up at the window. She sensed me. I knew it. I saw her shudder, but she kept walking.
I watched until they turned the corner at Colburn Street. Then the energy vanished and a profound sadness filled me. Even playing the piano held no joy that day.
I have to talk to her. But how?
I gave up trying to contact the living years ago. It became so tiresome – appearing in front of them, touching them, talking to them, yet never being noticed.
Until now.
Every day, I watch for her. Every day, I try to make contact. Every day I plead for her to look up at my window again. Two weeks have passed now. And every day, she hurries past; her gaze focused on the street ahead.
I must talk to her.
Daria is the first person I’ve been able to communicate with since the day I was murdered.
KUDOS for Ghostly Justice
Ghostly Justice by Bev Irwin is one of those books that can easily span the bridge between YA and adult fiction. Though the characters are teenagers and still in high school, like Harry Potter and Twilight, the story is fascinating enough to appeal to much broader audiences. Our heroine, Daria, is young, but she’s also spunky, creative, clever, and reluctantly courageous—my favorite kind of gal. And she is most definitely not pleased when she discovers that she is psychic and can talk to ghosts. Well, one ghost, at least…Irwin has added a well-rounded cast of secondary characters to help Daria in her quest, and together with a strong plot, excellent dialogue and a few surprises along the way, they all combine to make this book a very enjoyable read. – Taylor, Reviewer
Ghostly Justice was not quite what I expected when I learned it was YA. Even though the characters are teens, the subject matter—some of it anyway—was very adult. However, Bev Irwin seems to be a talented author and handled the sensitive issues with the same aplomb with which she did the scenes where her teenage characters break into an abandoned house. Daria, our very reluctant heroine, doesn’t want to be special. She especially doesn’t want to talk to dead people or to hear her best friend’s thoughts. She wants to keep clear of her mom’s creepy boyfriend, snag a hot, sexy boyfriend of her own—who doesn’t—and to be left in peace…The other characters in the book are equally well-developed and three-dimensional, the plot has some very nice twists and turns, and Irwin’s writing is superb. – Regan, Reviewer


Mysti Holiday said...

Oooh!! Great hook! And first person, present tense is challenging, but you pulled it off.

Well done!

Catherine Lee said...

That gave me a chill reading that last line: "Daria is the first person I’ve been able to communicate with since the day I was murdered." Sounds very interesting!

Bev Irwin / Kendra James said...

Thank you both. It was fun writing from Amanda's head.

Michele said...

Awww, the character sounds so lonely and without hope. Well, that just snagged a few heartstrings! Someone needs a hug.

Great excerpt - to be able to make a reader FEEL just from this small example inspires great hope that this story is going to rock!


Shadow said...

Sounds spooky and good! I feel bad for the ghost. She sads so lonely. What a sad existence. Thanks for sharing!

Bev Irwin / Kendra James said...

Thank you Michelle and Shadow for your comments.

I hope you both get to read the book and see if Amanda gets her revenge.