Sunday, April 1, 2012

why I tried to write erotica!, and free book

Wanna know why I tried erotica? Two reasons, my editor suggested it and I love a challenge. After spending my writing career on paranormal plus a few historicals, I found it a real challenge. My editor at Ellora's Cave, whose criticisms I highly value, helped guide me and I found it fun. Here's an excerpt:

Promo and new excerpt, Fiery Pursuit.

He heard a little sob and turned and held out his arms even as Sophie rushed to him. She’d pushed herself to her feet and watched as Lars rescued her once again.
“Lars, I’m so sorry. I’m nothing but trouble to you.”
She clung to him, molding her body against his as closely as she could. She was shaking and distraught, and Lars held her tightly even as he turned to check the guards were on their way.
Lars reveled in the feeling of Sophie’s body clinging to his. Nestling against him at first with fright, and then with a shuddering sigh. He raised her beloved face to see is she knew how she was inflaming him, and saw only naked desire. She attempted to press even closer and ran her hands up and down his body even as she lifted her face for his kiss. All thoughts of denying their mutual passion fled, as Lars swung her up in his arms and spotting a grassy glade strode toward it. She clutched him tighter and wiggled her body frantically against him.
“Yes, Lars. Oh yes please.”
If she’d thought for a hundred years she could not have uttered more inflammatory words.
Lars took off his coat, spread it on a mossy patch, and lowered her to it. He kissed her on her lips and then opening her blouse, nuzzled her perfect breasts. Her belly rose as she bucked against him and Lars groaned in passion and relief from anxiety. He’d been so long without her, and now she seemed to want him at least partly as much as he wanted her. But he wouldn’t grind into her as if she were nothing but a receptacle for his lust. She was his everything, the mate he’d despaired of finding. He was determined not to rush this wonderful joining.
He let his hands drift over her perfect body, molding first her breasts, then baring them as he drew her dress down to her waist. She was already writhing and more than ready for him to continue his skillful undressing. He pulled off her shoes and drew her riding outfit over her uplifted arms. She was clad only in her shift and he gloried in the fact she never wore stays. Independence or the knowledge she didn’t need them? Maybe some of both.
He quickly unbuttoned the flap of his trousers and drawers and let his cock spring free. He was far too gone in passion to do more.
He eased her legs apart with his knees, even as he resumed his wild caressing of her face and her heaving bare breasts. Suckling her nipples and caressing her hot cleft with heated and expert hands. She responded with an ardor delighting him, twining her legs around his waist and bucking her mound against him.
“Lars, please. I want you. Now.”
Well, what's the verdict. Give me your opinion and I'll pick a winner of a free copy.


Mysti Holiday said...

Jean, I was likewise challenged (I write sweeter romance under a different name) and have enjoyed it. Writing erotic romance is MUCH harder than folks might think.

You did well!

Xeranthemum said...

I wrote a short for the same reason, I was challenged.
First, I'm a reader of romance and I enjoy a certain level of erotic romance but to write it?
That was the inside joke.
I can read it but I can't write the words without blushing nor can I say them out loud without rambling everythingtogetitoutsoyoudon'tknowwhatIsaid and I can get it over with.

That didn't work. I had to write it anyway. The hardest part? Keeping track of which way the hero moved the heroine and which body parts fit where and what they can and can't physically do in that position. And then to remember to adjust the whole thing if they move.

So, I give you credit for not only stepping up to the challenge but building a fascinating story around it.

And do my eyes deceive me or does the hunk on the cover have pointed ears? It must be Spock syndrome because I adore those little tips, just like handsome Legolas in LOTR. :-)

Good luck with your story!! EC always has the best books.

::by the by?:: He raised her beloved face to see is she knew how she was inflaming him, and saw I believe you meant it to be 'if' and not 'is', yes?

When it comes to it any easier to edit versus print? or like print, once it's done it's done? I have always wondered about that....

Xeranthemum said...

OOH, I looked up the blurb at Ellora's Cave... it sounds really good!
Sounds like your heroine is stubborn and focused. She sure has reason to be...but after yummy Lars teaches her everything, how can she resist him? It's going to be very interesting to find out how he convinces her.
::adds to TRB pile::

I always treat myself when I get my tax refund and I know exactly what I'm going to get. Books! WooHoo ...

Catherine Lee said...

I love that phrase, "a receptacle for his lust." That sounds like true erotica, rather than romance.

catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

Shadow said...

Im glad you challenged yourself and wrote this. It sounds great! Love the cover too! :) Thanks for sharing!

jean hart stewart said...

Thanks one and all for your perceptive comments. I couldn't get back to the computer to keep up yesterday, but all of the comments were fantastic. Thanks so much. Jean

jean hart stewart said...

Xeranthemum, you're my winner!! As to your questions, I did indeed mean if instead of is. and yes, Lars, my hero, is an Elf. This is the first of an eight part series on Lars and his family. The series is called Passionate Pursuits. All the children are of Elfin descent.
As to your last question, I write my books on the computer, so can edit freely, and I tend to over edit. If you'll write me at I'll send your book right away. It will be a pleasure. Jean