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Angels Among Us: Fallen & Tempted(PG 13-rated excerpts) +Contest

I'm back party people! Earlier I told you all about the inspiration for my Paranormal Romance series, 'Angels Among Us'. I'm here celebrating the release of book 2, 'Tempted', and giving away an ebook copy of BOTH books, Fallen and Tempted! I thought I'd share some sweet, romantic excerpts from both books so those of you entering to win can have a taste of what you could be getting! Just a reminder: comment to win, and leave an email address so I can contact you. Hope you enjoy!

Excerpt 1 (Fallen): 
They sat in silence for several minutes. She was gazing down at him, her lips parted slightly, her breath quickening as his hands flexed around her ankles. The tension was palatable, and Amir could practically feel it crackling between them. He knew what she was feeling, because he was feeling the exact same thing. He knew what was about to happen before it happened, yet could do nothing to stop it. He could only brace himself when Shayla practically launched herself into his arms, sending them rolling across the carpet in a tangle of limbs until he landed on top of her.
His head came down and hers came up, and the two met in the middle and lips touched. It was as if lightning had struck him, and just like his dream, he knew he couldn’t stop now. It was too late. He was ruined. He had tasted the sweetness of her lips and there was no going back now. She parted her lips on a sigh and met his tongue with hers. Her hands came up to thread through his dark locks, and his cupped her face as he tilted his head to a better angle and kissed her again. He wrapped his arms around her, trapping her between his body and the carpet, molding her against him. Her breasts burned his skin through the fabric of their clothes, and her heart hammered wildly against his.
“Amir,” she whispered, her lips coming to rest just behind his ear. He jerked and stifled a groan by burying his face in her shoulder. Just as it had happened in his dream, he was burning, only this time he was burning from within, going up in flames with the heat of his own desire for the woman in his arms. In his mind he could see the flames, hot and menacing consuming him just before he was hurtled from grace and into the depths.
With every ounce of his will, he pulled himself away from Shayla, untangling himself from her arms. He fell back against the couch, one hand clutched over his racing heart, gulping hungrily for air. Her eyes a bit glazed over and her lips swollen from his kiss, she pulled herself into a seated position, her eyebrows pulled together in bewilderment.
“Amir?” She reached out to touch his arm. The light touch of her hand was enough to snap him out of the trance he’d been in. He jerked away from the searing heat of her touch and jumped to his feet.
“I have to go,” he said, almost running for the door.
Her voice jerked him back with invisible fingers. “What? Why?”
He turned to face her, his heart wrenching at the sight of her face, confused and stricken. “I’m sorry Shayla,” he said lamely.
“What’s wrong? Did I come on too strong?” Shayla’s eyes widened and Amir was gripped by the embarrassment she was feeling. “Oh God, you must think I’m some kind of slut after the way I just threw myself at you!” She turned her back and buried her face in her hands.
Unwilling to let her take the blame on herself, Amir strode forward and placed his hands on her shoulders. “No, Shayla. It’s not you. You’re perfect. You’re beautiful and smart and funny. You’re wonderful.”
She turned in his arms and looked up at him. “And you want me don’t you? I wasn’t reading you wrong?”
Amir sighed. “No, you weren’t but-“
“Then what is it?”
“I can’t do this, Shayla. I shouldn’t have let things go this far and I’m sorry if it hurts you to hear that. I should go.”
“Let me make sure I’m understanding what you’re saying,” she said slowly, backing away from him and avoiding his gaze. “You don’t want to be with me.”
“No, that’s not it.”
“You want to, but you can’t.”
“And whatever the reason, you can’t tell me why?”
The anger that rose up in her was so swift and sudden, Amir barely had a chance to register it before she exploded. “Why, Amir? Why can’t you tell me anything? Why can’t you tell me about your job or where you come from? Why can’t you tell me about your family? For crying out loud I don’t even know where you live!”
“It’s complicated, Shayla. It would be hard for you to understand.”
“No, what I don’t understand is why you’re keeping so much of yourself from me. You know almost everything about me, Amir. Most of it without me even having to tell you. And as deep as my feelings are for you, I can’t say I know much about you beyond how you like your coffee and that you like classical music.”
“There are things I can’t-“
“Things you can’t tell me?” she interrupted with a sarcastic laugh. “As if I haven’t heard that before! What is it with you, Amir? Do you think that acting coy will make me want you more? Is this some game you’re playing, acting mysterious so I’ll pursue you? Because if it is I’ve got news for you; I’m not the kind of girl to follow a man around like some lovesick puppy. If you can’t meet me on equal terms and give as much as you get then this is over.”
Silence stretched out between them as they stood, each avoiding each other’s eyes. Amir looked down at his shoes. He had wanted to end things with Shayla but he hadn’t intended for it to be like this. Still, this was just the opening he needed to walk away. As much as he knew he needed to, his heart still rebelled at the thought.
“I really am sorry Shayla,” he said again, knowing that it wasn’t what she wanted to hear but unable to say anything else.
“Get out,” she said, so quietly at first that Amir wasn’t sure he had heard her right. She looked up at him finally, tears glistening in her dark eyes. The knife in his heart twisted cruelly when lone tear trailed down her cheek. He fought down his own tears. “Get out!” she repeated, this time practically screaming at him. “Go!”
Fighting the urge to pull her into his arms and comfort her, he turned and reached for his jacket. He turned in the doorway for one last glimpse of her, but she had turned away and all he saw was her stiff, unyielding back before he closed the door. 
Excerpt 2 (Tempted):
Raindrops plopped onto his head and shoulders as he stepped onto the roof. Sarah stood a few feet away from him, her palms stretched out to catch the water drops. Her eyes were closed and her face was tilted back to the cloudy sky. Jackson watched, his jaw slack, as she twirled in a slow circle, extending her arms to embrace the coming storm.
His heart pounded in his chest, and his conscience nagged him for intruding on her private moment. Yet he couldn’t look away from her. She looked like the angel she truly was, bathed in moonlight, her arms and legs bare in the thin sundress she was wearing, her face tilted to the sky. His stomach clenched and his blood raced. He took a step toward her.
She opened her eyes and turned toward him slowly, lowering her arms. As she moved toward him, he felt time slowing around him, and realized he’d felt this sensation before so many times. He’d never bothered to pay attention to it, chalking it up to childish fantasy on his part, blaming it on too many slow-motion filled action movies. He would never have attributed it to the power he'd always possessed. A power he'd never known he had.
But as Sarah walked toward him through the rain, he soaked in every detail. It was as if his mind wanted to remember everything; the flow of her dress’ skirt around her knees as the breeze tugged at it and the curling sable waves made damp by the rain, every water drop that rolled down her face. Every detail stood out in sharp clarity, until nothing else existed for him.
“I’m so sorry,” she said, breaking the silence. Her wide eyes were filled with tears that mingled with the rain running down her face.
“No,” he interjected, reaching up to grasp her upper arms gently. “I’m the one who should be sorry. I took my fears out on you, and you didn’t deserve that. You didn’t ask for this job, and you sure as hell didn’t ask for me. I told you to run, to leave me alone, but you stayed. No one stays for me, Sarah. No one ever stays.”
“Your father…” she trailed off lowering her eyes. “I know who he is.”
Jackson’s heart dropped into his stomach. “You do?”
She nodded. “After you left, Vivian told me all about him. He left your mother because he was charged with guarding one of the few portals between earth and hell. He knew he would be putting you and your mother in harm’s way if he stayed. Guarding portals is a dangerous job. There are Oracles, demons, and even some humans who are constantly searching for them. They would not hesitate to hurt the family or friends of a Guardian in order to get what they want.”
Jackson felt his head spinning with the sheer magnitude of what he was hearing. All this time he’d thought his father was an arrogant, heartless bastard. He’d never known anything about him beyond the day he left. While he was still hurt and angry at his father’s abandonment, he couldn’t help but feel pity for him. Much like Jackson, he’d stood on the precipice, facing a choice that could change his life forever. It had cost him his family, but contributed to a greater good beyond anything Jackson could have ever fathomed.
“Did you know that Vivian raised me?”
She shook her head, a frown marring her forehead. “No. What happened to your mother?”
“She ran off with some boyfriend of hers a few months after my father left. His leaving changed her, and she never had time for anything but herself after. I don’t think she knew about my father’s assignment.”
“Jackson, I-“
“People have been leaving me my whole life, Sarah,” he said. He wasn’t sure why he was saying these things to her. He only knew that it felt right, even good to share it with her. It was a part of him he’d never even shared with Rochelle. “I do things to chase people away.”
“No!” she protested, stepping more fully into the circle of his arms. Her hands reached up to his face and she forced him to look down into her eyes. “No, Jackson. You didn’t chase your parents away. They made their own decisions.”
“Rochelle,” he said with a half-hearted shrug. “I was so broken after Iraq that I chased her away too. And now I’m doing the same thing to little Jack that my father did to me.”
“No,” she said again, shaking her head. Her wet waves clung to her face and neck. “You are not alone Jackson, and you are not broken. You have a calling now, a purpose. Accept what you’ve been offered and fulfill your destiny. You don’t have to make the same choices your parents did. You don’t have to be afraid or run or abandon the people in your life.”
“I just don’t want-“
Her grip tightened on his face, silencing him. “You will not have to do this alone, Jackson. That’s why I’m here. I won’t leave until I’ve seen this through. I don’t care how much quicksand you think you’re standing on, I won’t abandon you.”
Silence stretched between them as he allowed her words to sink in. I won’t abandon you. As he looked down into eyes that were incapable of lying, he believed her. He believed it like he’d never believed anything else in his life.
He brought his hand up to her cheek, resting it there as his eyes caressed her face.
“You know, I was wrong about you,” he said.
“You were?” she asked. Her lips parted and he felt her rapid breath against his wrist; it pulsed with the same rhythm as his pounding heart.
He nodded.
“Yes, I was. You’re beautiful.”
Her breath stopped, suspended between her parted lips. She trembled as his arm came around her swiftly, bringing her body up against his. Fear and indecision flashed in her eyes briefly, but by the time his lips pressed against hers it was gone.
Her lips were soft and pliant against his, but chastely closed and still as if she didn’t know what to do. Of course she didn’t, he thought as he brought one hand to the back of her head; she’d probably never been kissed.
The sweetness of it, the purity of the moment touched him in ways he would have never thought possible. He allowed his lips to linger over hers, gently accustoming her to the intimacy of his mouth pressed to hers. As his fingers caressed the back of her neck, he gently coaxed her mouth open with his. She trembled against him as the inside of her mouth met his; warm, moist, heavenly. Her hand came up tentatively against chest, burning his skin through the wet fabric of his t-shirt. Her touch burned its way across his chest until his entire body was heated by it.
She became bolder by the second, angling her head and returning the bold caresses of his lips with her own innocent kisses. A primal satisfaction flared through him at the knowledge that no other man had touched her. No other man had kissed her. At that moment he held a pure, untouched piece of heaven in his arms.
He pulled her more tightly against him, molding her against him. He felt every inch of her through the wet fabric of his clothes. She shuddered against him, reaching up with both hands to grip his shoulders tightly. He wrapped both arms firmly around her, one hand at her hip and one at her back. He feared if he let go, she would fall at his feet.
When he’d nearly stolen her breath away, she pulled away slowly and stepped away from him reluctantly. Somewhere in the back of his mind he realized that the rain had stopped. His eyes remained locked on Sarah.
She took one step away from him, and then another. Her eyes were lowered, her lips tinged pink and parted. Her chest heaved as she struggled for air. She raised her fingers to her mouth as she gazed up at him, her expression of carnal bliss melting into one of pure horror.
“Sarah,” he said gently, stepping toward her slowly. She shook her head and took another step back.
He reached one hand out for her, but before he could touch her she was gone. Her footsteps echoed across the roof, the skirt of her sundress fluttering behind her. Jackson was rooted to the spot, too numb to follow her. Seconds later, she disappeared from view, leaving Jackson staring off into darkness. Alone.


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I love the world of historicals starring feisty heroines. I love dark paranormals featuring brooding other-worldly heroes. I love writing stories about love conquering all. I love writing characters that people can fall in love with.
I'm a stay-at-home wife and mother of two, and wh
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