Sunday, April 1, 2012

Another M/M by Rawiya Smooth Like Latte - PG Excerpt

Okay, as if you might have noticed, I love writing interracial romance, whether its m/m, m/f, or MMF, the couples with different ethnicity are what I love to write most. 

In my next M/M called Smooth like Latte, it's romance between two men with one afraid to come out to his dad while his potential partner is already out and looking for a steady relationship.

My two characters, Latte or Davori and his man, Brendan had so much to say. This is my longest book to date. 

Here is a blurb and a little excerpt.

Brendan Walsh, CEO of Walsh Financial has put his life on hold to make his father proud. Because of this, he’s melancholy most of the time and is beginning to develop a love for Scotch and disdain for his dad.

Davori “Latte” Jenkins is a happy go lucky barista with several talents, the most important, his way with words and when Brendan steps into his place of employment, sparks fly between the two and immediately, they feel the connection. Over a macchiato latte, Brendan might see his future man but will he gain enough strength to tell his father about his orientation?

Brendan took another step, searching for the shop owner. Cathy had been very instrumental when they’d opened this place a couple of years ago. He admired the relationship she had with her dad; he noticed her parent actually cared about what she thought. If only the older Mr. Walsh would do the same.
“Hmm, today, maybe a macchiato would be good. Haven’t had a true one in a…” Brendan stopped thinking aloud, his eyes fixed on the man behind the counter. He tilted his head a little, to get a better look. Who is he?
A tall man about six feet, with skin the color of lightly creamed coffee. Broad shoulders, light green eyes… or were they something else, maybe blue or hazel? Who knew, but damn was this man hot.
His perfectly trimmed goatee began under his nostrils and wrapped around his mouth and onto his chin. He wore a black fitted turtleneck that showed the muscles in his upper torso; even under Brendan’s scrutiny, the handsome man continued to make beverages with ease. Brendan noticed the young man next to him seemed only to serve donuts and pies from the fridge, now and then a juice. Could it be the line was so long because of the sexy barista making the drinks? Has to be it. Brendan could see no other reason for it. Not only was the man attractive, he was good at his job.
The closer he moved to the front of the line, the more intrigued he became. He thought about talking to the hunky man as he made his drink. But what the heck would he say? “Hey, I’m Brendan and I own the building.” Brendan smirked to himself, knowing that most likely wouldn’t work.
Due to his inexperience in the relationship department, he didn’t know how to pick up a guy. The only words exchanged in bars were hey, you’re hot, wanna go home with me, or wanna meet me in the bathroom—nothing more.
Besides that, was the guy behind the counter into men, or was he unfortunately heterosexual? Brendan sighed and ran his fingers through his hair, still gazing at the hunk.
Make mine slow and creamy. I like it that way.


Catherine Lee said...

I'm new to romance and not ready for M/M yet, although it sounds interesting!

BLMorticia said...

Thanks Catherine.

Shadow said...

Ive read a few m/m romance and theyve been really good. Im looking forward to reading your book. Sounds great! Thanks for sharing and for the giveaway!