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Spoiled Pets are the Best Kind

Normally it's not my philosophy to spoil pets or children. It never leads anywhere good, especially with pets. But when it came to my heroine, I couldn't help but indulge her a few times. Besides, she was Bekion's first pet, of course he's going to spoil her.

Pet's Pleasure
by Zenobia Renquist

Coming Out 05 April (Thursday)

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She said, “You left your work.”
He shook his head. “I can do it in my chambers. It will be quieter there. I’ll be happy when Vieve returns. She may be a pushy woman but at least she does her job without complaining.”
“It also helps that she likes me. She wouldn’t have complained about the mess I was making.”
“Also true.” He made a thinking noise. “Maybe I should worry about how much she spoils you.”
“She doesn’t spoil me.”
He snorted. “Who gave you three boxes of pebble candy?”
“And the bell beads that adorn your hair?”
Starling touched her head, making the beads at the end of her braids tinkle. “Vieve.”
“Who commissioned the table and chairs you use in the main dining hall?”
“Vieve. But that’s because she beat you to it. She probably thought you would request it eventually and decided to get it done before you asked.”
“I enjoyed having you sit on my lap,” he grumbled. The topic strayed to dangerous territory and they had yet to reach the privacy of his bedroom. “It matters not. I have validated my point. You are being spoiled. In my experience, spoiled women cause trouble.”
“I’m not a woman. I’m a pet. Pets are meant to be spoiled. So there.” She stuck her tongue out at him.
Behind him, a few of his guards chuckled under their breath. Bekion joined their amusement and shook his head. “I am supposed to spoil you, not my secretary.”
“If it makes you feel better, Vieve always says the presents are from you.”
“She should inform me of the presents before giving them to you.”
“Now who’s whining?” Starling lifted an eyebrow at him when he met her gaze.
He stopped, put Starling on her feet and then walked away.
Starling called after him, “Petty.”
He didn’t acknowledge her. He did smile though. Laughter escaped him when she caught up with the group at his chambers. She had Nausic carrying her. He said, “Spoiled.”
“I’ll admit to mine when you admit to yours.”
Bekion said to Nausic, “Take her to the inner chambers. I need to work without interruption.”
Nausic nodded and walked away.
Starling called back, “It’s my naptime anyway.”

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