Sunday, April 1, 2012


Good morning!

Angela Steed here. I'm celebrating my new novella coming out this April called END DREAM. Think zombies and romance don't go together? I'm here to prove it does. It's been called "spooky" and "sexy" and I hope you'll check it out.

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On the day the zombie virus ravaged the world, soldier Kira Spence was involved in a car crash - an accident she doesn't even remember. Now locked with a group of survivors behind the walls of a military compound, a handsome soldier named Sam steals her heart. But what is the connection between Sam, Kira's accident and rumors of super-soldiers with powers that can overcome the zombies? When Sam flies Kira from the compound into the center of his secret, Kira finally has the chance to find answers ... along with the love of a lifetime.


She took him by the hand and led him up the spiral stairs. When she reached the bed she pulled off her shirt then unclasped her bra in back. He watched as she slid the white straps down her arms. His eyes never moved from her as she let the undergarment fall to the floor at her feet.

She shoved her cargo pants down then kicked them to the side. Now standing naked before him, she waited for him to make his move. But that gorgeous grin of his spread across his face as he leaned back on his heels and inspected her body with an arched brow.

The temperature of the room seemed to suddenly drop. She shivered, glancing down to see if there was something wrong, but couldn't find anything that could possibly amuse him.

"What's is it?" she asked with a shrug. "Oh," she breathed, remembering the large scar on the back of her leg. He was probably staring at that unsightly thing, though she couldn't figure out why he'd laugh about it.

She turned her leg and glanced down, showing him the entire deep scar from the back of her ankle to her knee. "I've never shown it to anyone but you. Well, Pete's seen it, but only because he hangs out in my room some nights, as a friend of course."

Sam chuckled then mm..ed. "I wasn't looking at your scar, honey. I was looking at you. You're so beautiful, as pretty as the day we met."

As he moved towards her he pulled off his shirt then tossed it into the floor. She marveled at his perfectly toned chest, spotting a few of his own nasty looking scars. He noticed her gaze settled on the four long jagged marks above his right peck. "A fight with a grizzly," he answered before she could ask. He slid off his pants then tossed them into the floor beside hers.

She swallowed hard as he moved closer. "A grizzly?" she said finding it a little strange he'd wrestled with a bear of all things. She wanted to hear more about it, but her eyes wandered to the small oval shape on his left shoulder. "Is that a bullet wound?"

He nodded as he reached out and touched her neck. His hands gently glided down, tickling her slightly...

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Kimberly said...

Angela, I can't wait for this one to come out! What a cool premise, Love among the Zombies :) I love your writing.