Sunday, April 1, 2012

Good Morning, Goddess Fish!

Good morning, everyone! Grab a mimosa and a croissant, and let's party!

I'm Jude Johnson, published with Champagne Books, and I am thrilled to be here at the Party Pavillion. I adore history, love stepping into the past, and enjoy taking readers on a trip away from the here and now. Tomorrow, April 2nd, Champagne will release Out of Forgotten Ashes, Book Two of the Dragon & Hawk historical Western/romance series about a Welsh immigrant and the mystic Mexican-Native healer who captures his heart. Lots of details of Native American, Mexican, and Welsh lore make this series a rich tapestry of action, adventure, and romance set in the Arizona Territory of the 1880s.

I hope you'll enjoy the excerpts I'll be posting, and join in on a contest I'm devising...and yes, it will have something to do with April Fools' Day!

~Jude Johnson

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