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She was actually going to do this.
Mitch couldn’t believe it. Transfixed, he watched Nikki release the top button on her blouse. The rich blue silk folded back, creating a deeper V that dipped toward her cleavage.
She inhaled slowly. To calm herself? To gather strength? Mitch hadn’t a clue. With the next button freed, the fabric fluttered away from her body, creating shimmering waves of color that rippled over the swell of her lush breasts and taut nipples.
He swallowed, his mind going places it shouldn’t—the faint saltiness of those rigid peaks on his tongue, his mouth drawing them deeper inside, suckling hard while his hands roamed her naked ass and between her thighs, his fingers reaching her damp slit, slippery with arousal, hot and ready for him.
Yeah, I want to do this, she’d said.
With more resolve than Mitch would’ve guessed he owned, he wrapped his hand around Nikki’s wrist, stopping her.  
She regarded him questioningly, her vulnerable expression tearing away all of his barriers, her satiny skin and magnolia scent making his cock stand at attention. If his balls got any tighter, he’d be in serious pain. Physical as well as mental. He should have brought his hand back, but couldn’t, driven to touch her, convincing himself she was real. That she’d actually returned.
She appeared far younger than twenty-nine, more like the girl he’d fallen in love with so effortlessly, so foolishly. Back then, Mitch had told Nikki about his dream to run a business—maybe a pizza parlor if he was very lucky—so he, Connor and their grandmother would finally have enough to eat. He’d confessed his worry that he might not be good enough to succeed, revealing nearly all of his fears, stuff he hadn’t even shared with Connor. He’d given his ego to her for safekeeping and look where that had led. Much of him still regretted how easily he’d trusted, while a part had never quite given up on her. Nikki had done a good enough job of that.
Her most recent news photos had shown a woman shamed and frightened by the events swirling around her, no longer the feisty girl he recalled who loved to roughhouse and tease. A few minutes ago, when she’d stood her ground with him and Connor, a bit of her sass had returned.
Mitch liked that and how well she’d filled out. Even clothed, her body was ripe, her narrow waist accentuating her full breasts and the womanly flare of her hips. Her dark auburn hair hung well below her shoulders, the wavy tresses artfully mussed as they would be after a satisfying fuck, the color complementing her blue-grey eyes and ivory complexion. Delicate and pale…almost too pale.
What happened to the sprinkling of freckles across her nose? Did she have them removed? Damn. For that and a whole lot of other shit, she deserved a spanking, her body bared, bent over his thigh, ass lifted in penitence, obediently accepting her punishment.
A bead of sweat ran down Mitch’s spine. His clothes had never seemed more restrictive. Maybe he should strip too or behave like a professional, rather than the horny, hopeful teen he used to be. No matter what Connor had claimed, this was nuts.
“No,” he said, his thumb stroking the side of her hand, his frown on his brother.
Connor didn’t notice. Given his ruddy complexion, he’d forgotten to breathe during these last seconds, as wanting of her as Mitch. Not that Connor would ever admit to it or give an inch. He’d never been able to reconcile what she’d done to them. Although Mitch appreciated his brother’s caution, that didn’t mean either of them were going to lord it over her or get revenge.
“Take the check,” Mitch ordered.
She pulled her hand from his. He had to stop himself from taking it back and hauling her into his arms, kissing her into submission.
“I didn’t come here for charity,” she said.
“I’m not offering you any.” He kept picturing them on his desk or sofa, writhing in delight. There was definitely no charity in that, just pure, hard lust. “We’ll call it a loan.”
Nikki squared her shoulders.
Not a good move given his current state. Her posture further displayed her breasts. Didn’t she realize that?
“I can’t pay it back without a job,” she said. “I want this one. I need it. I’ll be the best damn server or performer you’ve ever had at Wicked.”
“No.” He planted his hands on his hips. “I don’t want you working there.”
Her lower lip jutted out. She looked at him from beneath her lashes. “You don’t think I’m pretty enough?”
Okay, now she was playing with him. He liked it, but wasn’t about to let on. “I didn’t say that.”
Naked pleasure raced across her lovely features. “You don’t think I’m built enough?”
“We’ll know in a few minutes,” Connor muttered.
To him, she offered a tentative smile, the type one gives a potential boss. “That you will, and I promise, you won’t be disappointed.”
More color stained Connor’s face and throat.
“Neither will you,” she said to Mitch, her smile growing more provocative by the second.
She really needed a good spanking. Mitch had to settle on stopping her again as she reached for her buttons.


Tina Donahue
“Heat with Heart”

SINFULLY WICKED (menage - Available NOW)
SiNN (5 Stars - Mary's Naughty Whispers)


Michele said...

Oh come on!
This excerpt is good too!!!
This is out now, right?
Yes, the cover is awesome but this side of the PC is getting really steamy over here!

Catherine Lee said...

YUMMY...What a teasing excerpt. Very provocative, of things to come, perhaps?

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Tina Donahue said...

Hey, Michele - yep, Sinfully Wicked is available now. :)

Catherine - this is definitely a teaser of things to come.

Thanks to you both for dropping by and leaving a comment. :)

Shadow said...

Sounds hot!! Wonderful excerpt! :) Thanks for sharing and for the giveaway!

Tina Donahue said...

Hey, Shadow! So glad you liked the excerpt - thanks for dropping by. :)