Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sin is the new black...

Hey guys, my name is Charity Parkerson and I am the author of the Sinners Series.
The Society of Sinners book 1
Part 1- Brandon O’Donnell is a vampire that is able to control minds and bend them to his will.  Working as a stripper, Brandon possesses more than his fair share of ego, but when his neighbor Stacy spots him biting the pizza deliveryman, he is shocked to learn there is one mind that he cannot control.

Part 2- Jazz Anderson is God’s most favored Warrior sent to earth in order to protect mortals from evil.  He has never felt a single human emotion.  That is until he meets Cherish Tyrone.  Cherish is living in Jackson Station and working one of the few jobs that will accommodate her nocturnal state since being turned against her will.  Their attraction is undeniable, but the secrets they both keep threaten to tear them apart.

Part 3- Werewolf Gabe Woodsman moves to Jackson Station hoping to find a life of peace after years of working for the society.  Taylor Powell is a lifelong resident of Jackson Station whose biggest dream is marrying a man with good health insurance.  A chance encounter in the woods leaves them both with more than they ever bargained for.

Part 4- Dominic Nikitin is a tracker, The Society version of a police detective.  Dominic’s ability to hear the thoughts and feel the emotions of others is invaluable in his profession, but is a curse that keeps him apart from the world.  There has only been one person to bring silence to his life with her ability of glamour, Dominic’s wife Mika.  Years earlier, The Society tore Dominic and Mika apart, but now they will have to come together once more in an attempt to save her life.   

Part 5- Dimitri Ninotchka has spent the past twenty-five years working for Safe Haven, a group committed to keeping America safe against terrorist and now the time has come for his retirement.  As a changeling, Dimitri possesses the ability to transform into anything he chooses, but for once, he wants only to be himself.  Jackson Station is home to only a few hundred residents and offers sanctuary to all creatures, but that is not why Dimitri has chosen it.  The town has one thing he cannot resist, Annabelle Woodsman.   Annabelle is Gabe’s daughter making her off limits to Dimitri, since Gabe once saved his life, but their love is too powerful to resist.  With Annabelle’s life on the line, his debt repaid, and a meddling mother that will stop at nothing to assure her daughters happiness it is only a matter of time before the pair finds their happily ever after.   

Wicked Sinners book 2

Adriana Claymore moved to Martinique to start a new life, but when she stumbles upon an ancient book, she finds herself drawn into a centuries old battle between brothers.

”Sorcier” Julien Dubois has been on the hunt for his twin, Jacques, ever since the day that Jacques stole a book of spells from him and allowed their younger brother to die.

Adriana is about to change the game, but when she gives her heart and soul to one of the brothers, she must face a difficult question.  Did she lose herself to evil?

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Regina Puckett said...

I love you Sinner's series. I think you bring a great fresh perspective on the entire world of vampires and why they are here among mortals. As much as they have been written about lately that is really hard to do.

Charity said...

Thank you. I wanted my vampires to be a little different from everything else out there. I enjoyed buiding a new world.

Shadow said...

This series sounds awesome! Im definitely getting these books and soon! I cant wait to read them. Thanks for sharing!
gfc- shadow_kohler
email subscriber

Charity said...

Thanks, Shadow!!