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Angels Among Us: Fallen & Tempted (R-Rated Sensual Excerpts) + Contest

Hello peeps! I'm back again for my last post of the day. Earlier today I introduced you to Fallen and Tempted, the first two books in my Angels Among Us series. I also shared two very sweet excerpts. Now I'm cranking up the heat with something a bit more spicy.

For those just joining in: I am giving away an ecopy of BOTH books in this series. Just comment (leave your email address too) to enter and win! I hope you enjoy my excerpts!

Excerpt 3 (Fallen):
He tore his mouth away from hers and looked down into her eyes, reading desire there. Her lips parted, her breath was coming fast and ragged, the same as his. He traced the full upper lip with his fingertip before circling around to trace the bottom. Her tongue crept out to taste the tip; the sheer pleasure of it shot through him like a lightning bolt. “Shayla,” he whispered with a shudder as her body moved against his. “I want you. Now.”
She nodded wordlessly, her hands already coming up to the hem of his shirt. He lifted his body away from hers just long enough for her to whip his shirt over his head and bring his own hands to the front of her blouse. With one firm tug, the buttons at the front of her shirt popped out of their holes, and the material fell away from her easily. He reached around to reach the clasp of her bra, pulling it away just as easily. Cool air whispered between them for a moment before he pulled her back down and her chest settled against his.
His fingertips slid gently up and down her back as his open mouth found her neck. She gripped his shoulders tightly and arched her back, offering up more of the curve of her neck and aching breasts to his delight. He took one offered orb into his mouth, thrilled at the friction between his tongue and her hardening nipple. Grasping his hair with one hand, she held him there, gasping for breath as he tasted the honey of her skin. Never had he tasted anything more satisfying.
As she lowered her head to kiss him again, his hands moved down to cup the delicious curve of her bottom, pressing her tightly against him. He throbbed with need against her, desperate for release, aching for the sweet ecstasy that he knew awaited him within her most sacred and womanly of places.
Before he could reach between their bodies to unsnap the button on her jeans, she was doing it. Amir busied himself with cradling her breasts in his hands, testing the weight of them, marveling at how his touch caused the tips to pucker and harden. When she was unbuttoned, he helped her slide the jeans over her hips and down her legs. His hands gripped her legs in a slow caress on the way back up from her ankles. Within seconds she had divested him of his jeans as well.
Amir’s eyes roamed over Shayla’s body with undisguised want and admiration. The beauty of what she was offering him, her womanly body, both stunned and pleased him. He had never been with a woman before, yet he felt as if he already knew how to love Shayla, just as he knew everything else about her.
“Shayla,” he murmured her name again, running one hand down from the tip of one breast to the curve of her waist and hip. She shivered. “I’ve never…that is…I know what to do but I’ve never been with a woman before.”
“Shhh,” she pressed her finger to his lips, effectively silencing him before drawing close for another kiss. “I love you, and I know I’ll love being with you.”
His anxiety put to rest, he went down easily when she put one hand against his chest and pushed gently. When he was lying on his back she came over him until she was straddling his lap. Her heated core pressed up against the thick root of his yearning, forcing a moan from his lips. As she rose up enough to press the head of him to her entrance, Amir paused and held his breath, the anticipation nearly driving him over the brink.
She paused for a moment, savoring the tingling feeling of expectation. In the same instant he thrust upward and she surged downward, and in one firm stroke he was buried within her. The breath he had been holding came out on a hoarse cry that rose up to mingle with her impassioned moan. They stayed that way for a moment, simply reveling in the feel of their joined flesh. And then, she began to move.
Pleasure; pure, exquisite and torturous, it thrummed through him as he moved his hips upward to meet hers. He allowed her to set the pace, too overcome with the ecstasy of the moment to snatch the reigns back from her firm grasp. He watched her as she moved over him, her hair now completely unbound and cascading around her shoulders, her lips parted as moans of delight spilled from between her sweet lips, the rise and fall of her breasts as he reached out his palm to touch her. He delighted in the feel of her skin, hot against his hand, and the contrast of his light skin against her dark.
When her pace grew wilder and her breath quickened, and her eyes widened and her lower lip disappeared between her teeth, Amir knew that heaven was near. When she collapsed against him, her moans wild against his ear and her body quivering against his, he knew that she had found her release. Not far behind her, Amir drove up into her once, twice, and a third time before exploding with his own exquisite ending.
Excerpt 4 (Tempted): 
Sarah watched as Jackson walked toward her, his fingers working at the buttons down the front of his crisp white shirt. Her palms were damp as she twisted at the skirt of her gown. Her heart was racing, her skin was tingling, and he hadn’t even touched her yet.
“Relax,” he said gently, bringing his hands to her bare shoulders. “What happened to the flirty girl who wanted to learn?”
His smile pushed away her reservations and she giggled. “She’s still here, just a little less flirty and a lot more nervous.”
“We won’t do anything before you’re ready, okay?”
She nodded, standing when he grabbed her hand and tugged. Her eyes traveled down the length of bare, mahogany skin exposed by his open shirt. She wanted to touch him, but kept her fingers wrapped around the tulle at her sides. She would let him guide her.
He motioned for her to turn around, and she obeyed, giving him her back. For a moment, there was nothing but silence as she felt his eyes traveling over the back of her neck and over her bare shoulders. Then his fingers were at the zipper running along her spine. Her wedding gown fell into a pool at her feet, and she stood there wearing only a corset, panties, and the petticoat that Vivian had insisted upon.
Jackson’s lips found the curve where her neck met her shoulder in a lingering kiss, and his hands rested at her hips. His front met her back, and she realized that at some point he had completely removed his shirt. Her head fell back against him as he left a trail of kisses across one shoulder, pausing at the back of her neck for a spine tingling nip before moving onto the other.
With a speed that left Sarah breathless, he had the drawstring of her petticoat untied. It too fell to the floor with her dress. She stiffened, very aware of the fact that she was almost completely naked. He turned her to face him, his hands sliding over her shoulders and down her arms in a spine-tingling caress. As his fingers intertwined with hers, he captured her mouth, running his tongue slowly across the lower lip. He’d never kissed her more thoroughly; he nipped and tasted and prodded with his tongue until she thought she would melt from the dizzying sensations he was creating.
He pushed her gently back to the bed. She sat, sliding back across the cool comforter and toward the pillows resting on the headboard. She watched, her eyes wide, as he removed his last few pieces of clothing.
Her cheeks and neck flamed hot, but she could not look away from the beauty in front of her. Smooth, supple skin, like coffee laced with lots of cream, blanketed muscles that created ripples and valleys along his chest and torso. Dark hair sprinkled across his chest and tapered in over his abdomen until it reached…her eyes felt as if they were bulging from her head, they were so wide when they came to rest on his swollen member.
As he walked toward her, she shuddered in anticipation. That beautiful man would very shortly be on her, in her, around her. She clenched her legs together at the fluttering that had begun low in her belly, and was now spreading to her feminine core.
He knelt on the bed and grasped her ankles firmly, pulling her gently until she was lying on her back. He kissed her again, his mouth trailing from her lips down to her neck as he worked at the ribbon on the front of her corset. As he pulled the uncomfortable undergarment aside and stared down at her body she felt herself blushing again. She wished her breasts were bigger and that her waist was smaller. She wished her legs were just a little bit longer.
As if he sensed the direction of her thoughts, he grasped her chin gently and forced her to look into his eyes. They were dark with desire, the pupils so wide she could barely make out the gray irises.
“You’re perfect,” he whispered, trailing his hand over one small, perky breast. “Just like this, Sarah. I wouldn’t change a thing.”
The love and acceptance in his eyes gave truth to his words. Overwhelmed with emotion, as she often was these days, Sarah reached up and pulled Jackson down for another kiss. This time she did the exploring, sweeping the inside of his mouth with her tongue, and drinking thoroughly from his mouth. His body came down over hers, heavy, solid, protective.
A low sound, almost a growl, rumbled in his chest as she moved her lips to his neck to taste his skin as he had hers. The growl became a moan as she brought her hands up to his chest, caressing the soft skin and scoring it lightly with her fingernails as she tentatively flicked out her tongue over his sweet skin.
He snatched the control back from her in an instant, fulfilling his promise to teach her. He left not an inch of her untouched. His hands palmed her breasts, his fingers teased the sensitive tips. His lips replaced them as he ran his hand down over her ribs and waist. As his tongue circled one peach-colored nipple, his hands busied themselves with the final undergarment separating them, her white lace panties.
Sarah gasped and arched her hips to meet his as he settled between her legs. She felt him, full, thick, and pressed against her. In the back of her mind she knew there would be pain, but nothing would get her to the pleasure that waited on the other side except Jackson being inside of her. She wanted it, the joining of their bodies and souls, more than she’d ever wanted anything.
She squirmed and writhed beneath him as his fingers slipped through the chestnut curls between her thighs and found her most intimate place. His breathing grew heavier, and his fingers shook as he slipped first one, then a second finger inside, hinting at what was soon to come.
He took his time, allowing her to get used to the sensation, bringing her closer and closer to the explosive ending that she knew was only seconds away.
“Jackson please,” she begged. Everything he’d done so far had been wonderful, far better than she’d imagined, but she was ready for more. “I’m ready now.”
“Sarah,” he groaned against her shoulder. “I want this to be perfect for you. I don’t want to hurt you.”
“I don’t care,” she choked out between breaths. His hand never ceased its movement between her legs.
“All right.”
He reluctantly pulled his hand away and spread her legs wider. He came down between her hips and pressed forward, guiding himself into her. She felt as if her inner channel was so impossibly stretched that she would rip in two, but she gritted her teeth and forced herself to breathe as Jackson thrust forward swiftly, breaking through the barrier of her virginity.
She couldn’t stop the strangled cry that came from the back of her throat as hot, searing pain ripped through her. She shuddered against him, her fingernails digging into his shoulders as he paused inside of her.
He stroked her hair and sprinkled kisses across her face, murmuring softly to her as she breathed through the intrusive pain. “I’m sorry I hurt you,” he whispered against her ear. “I’ll never hurt you again.”

About the Author:
I'm Elise, a lover of all things romance. I picked up my first romance novel when I was in high school and have been reading and writing it ever since. 

I love the world of historicals starring feisty heroines. I love dark paranormals featuring brooding other-worldly heroes. I love writing stories about love conquering all. I love writing characters that people can fall in love with.
I'm a stay-at-home wife and mother of two, and wh
en I'm not reading, writing, or caring for my family, I'm in the kitchen whipping up fun recipes or singing my heart out to the radio! 

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