Sunday, April 1, 2012

Excerpt: Exception to the Rules (PG:13 Romance)

TITLE: Exception to the Rules
AUTHOR: Stephanie Morris
GENRE/THEME: Contemporary Interracial Romance
PUBLISHER: Sugar and Spice Press

Gaea Martin needs a man and quick. Someone that is extremely sexy and willing to play the role of her doting boyfriend to keep her married womanizing boss in his place. Retired Navy Seal, Sebastian Fuller is exactly what she needs.

Escorting Gaea to different parties and media events for her new fashion week campaign is not the hardship Sebastian thought it would be. Kiss her senseless, pretend to be head-over-heels for her and exchange heated glances. No problem.
Until he and Gaea share one night of mind-altering sex. Now Sebastian has to convince Gaea that there should be an exception to the rules.

After a good forty-five minutes of checking with the hired staff, the liquor supply and the DJ, Gaea led Bas back into the main room of the club. Kallie stood at the door, welcoming the first of the party goers. From the distance, Gaea couldn’t see who it was. As they walked across the dance floor, she felt Bas’s hand slip from her shoulder to the base of her neck. His long fingers felt a bit ticklish and very warm. Her first reaction was to cringe, but she pushed it aside quickly.

She’d never really thought about all the places a man touched a woman that went beyond casual boundaries. An acquaintance could definitely touch a shoulder, a hand, even an arm. But to touch the face or neck carried with it an unspoken message: I’m entering into the land of intimate here. You’re allowing me to. That means were more than friends, and if you let my hand linger, it means you’re ready to allow me into more private areas. Gaea hadn’t let anyone into her personal space in years, and she wondered if she’d been on a date with Bas, would she have cringed? Or would she have welcomed his touch?

As things were now, she couldn’t shake his touch off. He was simply doing his job. Making it clear to everyone that they were a couple. She didn’t dare to tell him to back off in case Arnold was in sight, because Arnold could be anywhere at any time, watching for just this kind of thing.

In fact, she slowed her pace, looked up to meet Bas’s gaze, and slipped her hand around his waist.

“Hey there,” he murmured.

“You’re good at this,” she whispered.

“I’ve been on dates before.”

“This isn’t one.”

“Not technically, no. But why let a little thing like a perverted, pesky boss get in the way? I’m going to enjoy every minute of tonight, and I hope you are, too.”

“It’s irrelevant whether I enjoy myself or not. I can’t afford to forget I’m working.”

“Who said the two have to be exclusive? You can be attentive, take care of business, and still have some fun.”

She stopped him before he could get carried away. “What planet are you from?”

He shook his head, his expression perplexed. “Why on earth would you strive for a career that you don’t find enjoyable?”

“Enjoyable? Enjoyable isn’t the issue.”

“It isn’t? Are there better criteria?”

“Of course! Money, power. You know, the things that make the world go round?”

“So you get off on money and power, do you?”

“Who doesn’t?”

“You say that like it’s a given.”

“It is. Money and power is what it’s all about.”


“Come on, Bas. Look around you. Those who have the most money and power win.”

“Win what? What’s the prize?”

Gaea looked over at the front door. More people were arriving, and she shouldn’t leave Kallie to greet the crowd on her own. “Can we talk about prizes later? I need to be over there.”

“Sure. But I’m not going to forget where we were.”

“I’m positive you won’t.”

They reached the entrance and Kallie stepped to her side. “Owen Wilson is here, and so is Jessica Simpson. The limos are starting to stack up.”

“Wonderful. Now do me a favor. Go ask Zoey to start serving the hor d’oeuvres and champagne. Have you seen Arnold?”

“He arrived some time ago. He asked me where you were.”

“I’m sure he’s around.”

Kallie gave Bas a big smile, then headed off for the kitchen. Gaea turned to find Jamie Foxx at the door with his latest girlfriend. She settled in for a long hour of greetings, the entire time aware that Bas was close by.

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