Sunday, April 1, 2012

Welcome to my World

Since the time of ancients, humans have told stories of beings not of their world. Beings of power, of danger, of myth - some of their tales are falsehoods, some were closer to the truth then we'd like. Now, our worlds face the rise of a vengeful evil, one which could destroy us all.

Centuries ago, our King cast out all those who served or held any allegiance to his fallen general. Those who were immortal became mortal, suffering as their minds whispered of their true lineage, but now it is time. Once more we immortals must unite, we must put aside our differences, our fears to defeat Saltar.

Though even with his defeat I fear there is another, a danger lurking in the shadows which could defeat us all and leave all beings, mortal, immortal, god or demi-god facing extinction...

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