Sunday, April 1, 2012

Who is Awesome?

It's Charity Parkerson again.   Recently, I was asked during an interview if I knew of any authors to watch for.  I have to admit that I was squirming in my seat in excitement.  Here was a topic that I knew something about.  However, after the interview was over, I thought, “Well, crap!”  I left out so many awesome authors that deserved a mention.  I’ve decided to remedy that as best I can, so here are some of my picks for awesomeness:

Urban Fantasy: Mark Rice
YA Fantasy: M.J. Webb, Elise Stokes
Human Drama: Tracy James Jones
Sci-fi: Colin Chadwick
Sci-fi erotic: Andrew Harding
Military drama: David McCoy and Lynn Hallbrooks (writing team)
Historical Fiction: Zoe Saadia, Tina Boscha
Non-fiction: Kevin Swarbrick
Psychological Thriller: Michael Lorde
Police Drama: Derek Blass
Romance: Regina Puckett, Marla Blowers, Sandy Wolters, J. Sterling, C.J. Ellisson , Karen Rose Smith
Erotica: Melissa Craig
Poetry: Ben Ditmars, Richard Weatherly
Drama: D.A. Graystone
Dark comedy: Scott Mallory
Guide books: Alan Tucker, Jeff L. Dawson, Siggy Buckley
Fiction: Faith Mortimer
Children’s books: Martha Rodriguez,
Two unpublished writers to watch out for are: Blue Remy and Jeremy Emling. I have read both of their work, and I was very impressed. 

I hope that I have given you some new authors to check out, and if you would like to hear about even more authors then come visit me at   

Now, I'd love to hear about some new authors that you have discovered or who your favorite author is. 

Charity Parkerson


Mysti Holiday said...

Ooh ... going to check out your list! I've been looking for Indie authors lately and have found a few. David M. Brown. Gordon Kessler. Maria Zannini (though she's also traditionally pubbed).

I know there are more, but my brain isn't retrieving the info ... darn it.

Charity said...

Oooh thank you. I'm always on the look out for a new author to check out :-)

Catherine Lee said...

YES...Many of these are new to me authors. I'll have to check out some of them.

Shadow said...

Awesome! Thank you! Many of these authors are new to me. I love finding new authors and books. Thanks for sharing!