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Tentacles, Aliens, and Inspiration... Oh My

Hello Pavilion Party-Goers!

This is Zenobia Renquist speaking (typing) and I hope April Fool's Day is treating you well. Personally, I'm hiding. I go into hiding every April 1st to avoid the pranks. But, being in hiding doesn't include the internet so I'm able to stop by and entertain you lovely people with my new releases.

I have two new releases back-to-back. I didn't plan it that way, and I didn't even notice the release were a week apart until I looked at the dates on a calendar. The only reason it happened that way is because they are at two different publishers.

Released 30 March at Changeling Press:

Taking It Back
by Zenobia Renquist

Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance, Interracial, Tentacle Monster

eBook BIN: 05619-01800

Price: $4.49/US

Length: Novella

Sometimes you have to get grabby to get what you want.

Nami is in Vegas for a business seminar. Kosuke is a tentacle monster in search of a cure for the affliction keeping him from eating. While she may not make him better, Kosuke is more than willing to put that aside to enjoy the other things Nami can do for him.

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The inspiration for this particular story comes from my love of hentai, which is Japanese animated porn. One of the major genres, and most popular amongst women, is tentacle monsters. It's a paranormal that hits the bondage crowd as well as the menage crowd. As I like to say, it's all the fun of a gang bang without the gang.

Of course, a tentacle monster as a hero has to be Japanese. My inspiration for Kosuke was Gackt (picture above), a very popular Japanese actor/singer idol. His look in the movie "Bunraku" (nice little action flick that is worth watching) was exactly what I envisioned for my hero. And such a good looking model made this story an easy one to write.


Releasing 05 April at Ellora's Cave, Blush Imprint:

Pet's Pleasure
by Zenobia Renquist

Genre: Mainstream Science Fiction Romance, Interracial

eBook ISBN: 9781419936524

Price: $5.20/US

Length: Plus Novel

The love of a good owner is hard to find.

Starling envied the easy life of pets…until she became one. Kidnapped from Earth and sold to the highest bidder, she now belongs to an alien king. But she doesn’t want to be his pampered possession. She wants Bekion to see her as an independent woman with needs and desires of her own.

Only deviants break the laws barring sexual relations between owners and their pets, and King Bekion has no intention of succumbing to simple lust. But the long nights with Starling’s lush body pressed tight against his take a toll. Her strength and intelligence make it difficult for Bekion to remember Starling is human—and forbidden. He knows it isn’t right but he can’t stop thinking of his pet and all the pleasure he could give her, even if it costs him his crown.

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The inspiration for this story came from pet envy. My two cats laze around the house all day, leading the good life. I, being the type of person I am, wondered how a human would react when suddenly tossed into the same lifestyle by aliens.

My inspiration for the Starling and Bekion came from Kerry Washington and Patrick Wilson as they appeared in "Lakeview Terrace." While I never saw the movie, I loved the way those two looked with each other, and it just fit with my story.

Zenobia Renquist
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