Sunday, April 1, 2012

Hey, Jude's First Contest

[When I was little, I was absolutely convinced Paul McCartney wrote "Hey Jude" for me. Except I didn't really get the Na-Na-Na screamy part...]

Who doesn't like a little something sweet? One of my favorite treats here in Southern Arizona is the soft cookie called a cochito , or little pig. Shaped like --you guessed it-- little pigs, these molasses-chewy delights are not overly sugared and are nearly guilt-free. Cochitos (also called puerquitos or marranitos, depending on which region of Mexico you’re in) are featured as something of a peace offering in Out of Forgotten Ashes.

The Contest: Since today is April Fools' Day, let's hear about your best successful April Fool's Prank --  or the best one someone pulled on you! Comment to this post with your prank, name, and an email address (write it like this: email AT whatever DOT com so the spammers can't pick it up).  I'll randomly draw one name at at 2:30 PM Eastern. Winner will receive a package of cochitos from Tucson's favorite Mexican panaderia (bakery).  I'll announce the winner in a new post later today.

[Because of the nature of the prize, this contest must be limited to residents of the U.S. only. But don't worry; I"ll run another contest later for anyone anywhere to win.] 

Good Luck and let's hear about those practical jokes!


Dragon & Hawk; Out of Forgotten Ashes; Within The Mists (fiction) Champagne Books


Mysti Holiday said...

Truth? I hate April Fools Day -- I never, never, ever like feeling foolish, so I tend to hide from the world. And I've never played an April Fool's prank because I hate having them played on me. Does that make me dull? LOL

Except I didn't really get the Na-Na-Na screamy part...]

Me either! It's a great song up to then, though!

Jude Johnson said...

Hi Mysti!

I'm with you for the most part. I don't mind harmless things, like the spring popping out of a can, but so many practical jokes seem mean-spirited.

And congratulations! You win the cochitos! Email me at AuthorJude(AT)comcast(DOT)net with your snail mail address and they'll be on their way to you tomorrow--YUM!

Thanks for playing!

J.A. Garland said...

In my other life as a firefighter, we LOVE pranks. So I'll try to narrow this down to the harmless favorites.
-putting jello powder into turnout boots. You never notice until you pull your feet out. Then your sweat has activated the powder and you have stained feet for weeks.
-putting an unknowing someone else's car, boat, kayak, what have you for sale on Craig's list or other such site at a ridiculously low price and the words 'must go!' For extra stinkiness, add 'habla espanol' when they dont, and include their real cell phone number.
-creating an identity on a social dating site for that single someone who 'needs your help.'

Jude Johnson said...

JA, I LOVE the jello one! Firefighters have to have a sense of humor, usually that offbeat, dark kind--but that's what gets you through the bad stuff. Thanks for your comment--and for all you do as a firefighter.