Sunday, April 1, 2012

Guilty Pleasures…

My name is Charity Parkerson and I am the award winning author of the "Sinners Series"
The love of sexy vampires is a guilty pleasure for quite a few people, so I say....

It is confession time. I want to know some of your guiltiest pleasures.  Don’t worry, I’ll get you started by confessing a few of my own:
     1.)  I watch True Blood (yes I know it is trashy)
     2.)  I’m absolutely convinced that Alexander Skarsgard is my soulmate (he just doesn’t                   know it yet)
     3.)  I Facebook stalk (no one’s pictures are safe)
     4.)  I rap along with the music in my car
     5.)  I love to watch “Big Bang Theory” and “Once Upon a Time”
Okay, it’s your turn…

Oh, and to further entice you into confession, I will be randomly picking commenters to win smashwords coupons for my bestselling book “A Secure Heart” and Amazon gift cards. 


Lyshawk said...

1. I Watch True Blood also. Yummy
2. I love Andy From Melissa Craig's Plentiful Package But I would kill for Jazz
3. I watch Jersey shore. Why? I just dont know.
4. I'm a total chokoholic. It's my drug of choic. LOL
5. I'd have a longer attention span if there weren't so many shiny things.

Charity said...

Awesome! I'm so glad that I am not the only one distracted by shiny things! :-)

Marla Blowers said...

Good Morning Chasity, I am just waking up so it will take me awhile to come up with a guilty pleasure. lol

Marla Blowers said...

I told you I am just waking up I can't even remember your name. Sorry Charity! lol

Marla Blowers said...

Ok, I love to watch 'Without A Trace' I just discovered it a few months back so if I am lucky on Thursday nights I can watch two episodes. If I miss the 7PM no problem there is always one at 8PM. I am not sure if they are all reruns or not, it may have been taken off the air years ago.

Marla Blowers said...

Well it looks like I missed the party. Catch you later.

Charity said...

I'm sorry Marla. I ended up having to work from my phone today and I keep getting an error code everytime I try to respond to my messages. I'm finally getting through every now and again. Thank you for sharing one of your guilty pleasures with us :-)

Catherine Lee said...

I'm watching Once Upon A Time right now! It's one of my favorites...but my very favorite is The Big Bang Theory. That's my guilty pleasure. I'm a huge TV fan! I'd be so much more productive if I didn't watch so much. Other guilty pleasures? COOKIES. I'm a cookie monster.

Charity said...

Big Bang Theory and Once Upon a Time are my treats to myself. It is nice to meet someone with the same guilty pleasures :-)

Shadow said...

How fun! :) My confessions:
1. I love the show Once Upon A Time. I havent missed an episode.
2. I watch the Big Bang Theory. (And i used to make fun of my family for watching it because it was stupid. That is until i watched it too. lol)
3. I love chocolate. I cant get enough.
4. I read a ton of books. I love my HEA's. :)
5. Oh, i also love to shop. Thats a huge guilty pleasure!