Sunday, April 1, 2012

Excerpt: Time to Make the Donuts M/M PG

Hi again! My story Time to Make the Donuts is doing pretty well at All Romance. It received a Silver Star and has garnered some great reviews as well. My little m/m interracial romantic tale is pretty straightforward, no real tension just a curve ball. It's mostly about the romance and connection of my two characters, Andre and Christopher

Here is an excerpt!

“Yep.” Andre Bentley pressed the button on his earpiece before making the turn on Belmont. “Yeah, I’m on my way there now.” He rubbed his smooth bald head with a handkerchief and removed the beads of sweat. “Damn, hot out here already.” Andre switched the air on and raised his windows up. “And you wanted me to pick up how many donuts? Two dozen along with a carton of coffee?”
“Yes,” the person on the other end replied.
“Cool. I’ll be back at the building in a bit.” Andre pushed the red button, disconnecting the call. Before finding a place to park on the street in front of one of the most popular places in town to get some breakfast for the company he worked for.
At times, being the go-getter had its perks. They paid him well to run errands and do tasks around the office. He also did some administrative things, which is what they hired him for in the beginning. Not that it mattered, but Andre liked being the “go to guy” for all they needed. It showed his wealth with this corporation. Many times, they cited him as the second most important employee at DD&G other than the president. The personal ties with the company executive didn’t hurt either. He knew by staying with them he’d go far and if he left, there would be a problem.
After feeding the meter and turning on the hazards, he walked in and stood in the semi-long line perusing the menu.
“Looks good,” he smiled and stood on the tip of his toes to take a glance at the counter. Any place he ate at he always liked to see just how clean it was. No way did he believe in eating somewhere that didn’t take the food and restaurants codes of sanitation and cleanliness seriously.
He pursed his lips and took out the company card. Everything in the donut case looked delectable but he knew a bagel would be better for someone like him who tried to watch the amount of sweets he ate. “Maybe one day, for dessert,” he muttered under his breath. Right now, the cinnamon raisin bagel looked to be the best choice. Perhaps some juice instead of coffee for him specifically since everyone else wanted coffee with the mixture of donuts.
The line inched up a little more and he took a look at his watch. The meeting would be starting in about a half an hour. Good thing the place wasn’t far from the headquarters of DD&G and since he went in the alternate direction of the traffic, he should’ve been able to arrive back at the building in no time flat. Still, Andre really hated to wait on things. Patience wasn’t one of the qualities he possessed.
Another move up closer to the cash register and his light brown eyes caught the sight of a very nice looking individual, a tall Caucasian man with brown eyes, brownish blondish hair, sort of lanky He grinned and moistened his lips, taking pleasure in the hunk that stood behind that counter filling the donut case with more products.
“Mhmm,” he smiled and rubbed his black goatee. This man more than held his interest and obviously his hardened muscle down below began to take notice since his trousers had suddenly become very tight. He wished he could stroke himself a little but in front of all these people it would’ve been quite an embarrassment. Andre wanted to talk to the man a little more to see if they played on the same team. They had to right, since this place sat smack dab in the middle of Boystown?
Hopefully so and if he did, is he available? Andre had been lonely for quite a while. Going home to an empty apartment didn’t hold the same appeal as it did before.