Sunday, September 8, 2013


It's always fun to see what happens when the hero and heroine first meet. In this scene, Ian and Vangie have just been introduced. They have no idea how complicated things become as a result of this waltz.
Noticing the numerous pairs of eyes watching him escort Miss Caruthers onto the polished floor, a wry smile touched Ian’s lips.

“I haven’t danced with any other ladies this evening. No doubt the rumormongers are hissing envious conjectures as to why I’ve asked you.”
She shot him a startled look before glancing around the ballroom.
“Why did you?”
“To see if what I’d heard was true.”
Ian watched for a reaction.
She opened her mouth then closed it. They waltzed around the dance floor for a few moments in silence. The string quartet was quite satisfactory. Ian allowed the lilting strains to soothe his troubled spirit.
“What did you hear?”
Miss Caruthers’s soft question reminded him of his purpose.
“That you are an excellent dancer.”
It was true. She moved with natural grace, following his lead, all the while holding herself in a most proper stance. He had to acknowledge she was a superb actress. Her gaze remained fixated on a spot above his left shoulder, except for one brief instance when she’d flicked her cobalt-blue gaze upward and unintentionally met his eyes.
“Is that all?” she asked softly.
He’d never seen eyes such a dark blue before. “All?”
“You’ve heard nothing else about me?
Her eyes held the perfect combination of trust and innocent curiosity. So convincing was she, that when their gazes fused, a peculiar jolt stabbed the center of his being.
What was it?
 ~ ~ ~ ~
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