Sunday, September 8, 2013

STEALING FIRE - Excerpt #2

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Here's excerpt #2 from STEALING FIRE, my brand-new novel (published August 31st), about unlikely soul mates in 1980's New York:

Excerpt #2

At exactly 10:07, trouble started. With a bell, as usual.
“Amanda?” It was Carole, the night-shift operator. “We got a screaming lunatic yelling for Jerry.”
“Jerry left at six.”
“I know. He says he won’t talk to anyone else. But when I try to take a message, he just starts screaming again.”
“Did he say what it’s about?”
“No.” Carole sounded desperate. “When I ask him, he just swears.”
“All right. Put him through. I’ll talk to him.” Carole heaved a sigh, and Amanda heard a click and girded herself for battle. “Hello, this is Amanda. May I help you?”
“Jesus Christ! Where’s Jerry? I asked to talk to Jerry.”
“I’m his assistant. Is there something I can do for you?”
“No, Miss, there is nothing you can do for me. I asked to talk to Jerry, and that stupid operator’s tried to fob me off on every dumbbell in the hotel. Now why don’t you tell Jerry I’m waiting at the airport for the limo he promised. This call is costing me money.”
“I’m sorry, he’s gone for the day. I can page him, but he probably won’t respond for at least an hour.” Amanda’s tone was chilling rapidly. She reached for a pad and pen. “What’s your name?”
“Tell him it’s Beau Kellogg, and that I’m goddamned sorry I saved his ass in France and that I’m getting the hell out of this screaming inferno without his goddamned limo, and coming over to that dump of his to personally finish the job now. You got that?”
“I got it,” she said evenly, restraining a great urge to slam down the phone. “Are you sure you trust me to give him the message?”
“Not really. But I’ve taken every precaution.” The rich voice turned steely. “Do I have to give it to you in one-syllable words? If you don’t change a thing, he may get it the way I intended it.” The phone went dead in her hand.

Enjoy the second excerpt, guys, and please leave me a comment to be considered for my very special journaling notebook with the STEALING FIRE cover! And feel free to visit me on my own website, too!

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