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Excerpt #2:
Brad held her hands in such a way so he could feel her pulse.  He remembered the first time they touched.  The sensations flowing through his body via the point of contact scared him at first.  Now, these same ripples brought him pleasure.  He ached for any accidental brush of her skin throughout the day.  The tingling lingered in his cheek while he focused on the rhythm of her heart.  He spoke each word slowly, calculating the effect of each phrase as he spoke.

“I loved you the first moment I saw you, except I didn’t want to admit to myself I would fall in love with the servant girl from Mexico.  I hated the fact I was attracted to you, but I couldn’t stop feeling drawn to you.

“I love your smell.  It’s intoxicating.”  He sniffed her hand.  “The handkerchief I loaned you?  Well, I often sniff it when I go to my room, except now the scent has faded.  I thought at first it was the cream, but the one day you didn’t wear it, I found your scent more alluring.  The scent that drives me crazy is your own natural smell.”

Brad observed an increase in her pulse.  “Are you able to hear more?”

“Yes,” Kressa assured, but her eyes seemed to glaze over.

“Your lips, well, when you kiss me on the cheek, are soft.  It’s why I have trouble…why I desire…” Brad found himself staring at Kressa’s parted lips and froze.  He shifted his gaze back to her eyes.  “I think if I continue talking about your lips, I would find myself breaking all my promises about not kissing you to steal one,” he smiled slyly.

Kressa’s pulse quickened.  Her gaze seemed lost, staring into Brad’s eyes.

He thought he better check again.  “Do you wish me to go on?”

“Please continue.” Her faint voice cracked.

“Okay.” Brad paused.  “At school, I was upset we weren’t in the same classes.  I struggled with not seeing you all day.  The reason I didn’t drive you to school was because I wasn’t sure if I could control myself when we were alone.  I wanted to keep tabs on your every move, but Sara made that impossible.  However, when you were in danger, it gave me the excuse I needed to follow you around as much as possible.  I hated even more that we didn’t share the same classes and let that come out as if I were annoyed to be watching you.  I soon lessened the distance by suggesting we hold hands.  It had its usefulness as a safety measure, but inside I thrived on your touch.”  Brad did a pulse check.

Kressa’s rate quickened, but she still remained within safe limits.

He continued, “I did not want anything to happen to you.  I risked my life for you and found that I was willing to die for you if it came to that.”

Kressa’s heart beat increased rapidly.  Its rate equaled that of a person who had been exercising for twenty minutes.

Brad knew the time to stop had arrived before she fainted and he needed to call 911.  “I think I’ll stop now,” Brad said to an almost comatose Kressa.  “You’ve had enough.  You’re altogether beautiful, Kressa.”  Brad listened and found missing Kressa’s breath on his face.  “Kressa?  Breathe.  I would hate for my father to return to his office and find you passed out on the floor.  Please, breathe.”  Brad caressed her hands.

Kressa blinked and took a breath.  She seemed dizzy and would have fallen over if he had not steadied her.  Slowly, she began to breathe normally.

“That’s it, Kressa.  Keep breathing…slowly.”

Kressa’s eyes focused on Brad’s.  “Is there more?”

Brad smiled and said, “There’s more, but I don’t think you’re in any condition to handle it right now.  You barely made it through what I told you.  Are you all right?”

“I…I think so.  I had no idea you felt that way about me.  Now, I understand why you needed to know how I felt.  I’m sorry it took so long.”

“It’s quite all right, Princess.  After seeing how you responded today, I believe I would have had to resuscitate you had you heard my words at an earlier time.  However, I wouldn’t have mind.”

Kressa inhaled deeply and Brad released her hands since her heart had slowed to an acceptable pace.

“I have something for you,” Brad said, picking up the gift from his father’s desk.

Kressa opened the box Brad handed her and found earrings with a diamond and ruby in each to match the bracelet he got her for Christmas.  She also pulled out a framed close-up photo of them at the New Year’s Eve dance.

“I framed the picture for myself too. It was a special night, and I don’t ever want to forget it.

“Thanks, Brad.  I…I didn’t get you anything,” Kressa said apologetically.

“It’s okay. I imagine your dad would have a fit if you made something for me.  I think I hear my dad coming.  It’s time to go.  May I give you a hug?”

“Yes, I’d love one.”

They gave each other a quick embrace.

His father re-entered the office, closed the door, and walked over to the camera controls.  Brad held his hand up to tell his dad to hold off starting up the cameras.  His father waited.

“One more thing,” Brad began, “Promise me there will be no more secrets or lies between us.  I understand if we cannot betray a confidence, but other than that I want to know what you’re thinking even if it hurts – be brutally truthful.  If you really can’t tell me, at least tell me you can’t tell me what I wish to know.”

“I promise,” Kressa agreed.  “What are we going to do during classes, now that we know how the other feels?”

“I’ll manage.  I’ve done okay so far.  I usually refocus my mind to think of you more like a distant cousin.  I’m worried about you though.”

“I’ll do my best not to faint.  If you behave yourself, I should be fine.”

Brad gave Kressa a kiss on the cheek and nodded for his father to start recording.

“Thanks, Dad, for everything.”

His father nodded and returned to his desk without saying a word.

When he and Kressa left the office, Brad said, “You’d better sit a while before going downstairs.  Your face is flushed.  Your dad will have lots of questions.”

“Good idea.  I’ll sit in the living room.  Oh, Brad?”

“What, Kressa?”

“Thanks for helping me pick out beautiful clothes.  Mama liked them too,” Kressa said, delighted.

De nada,” responded Brad.

Kressa walked left toward the living room, and Brad ran up the stairs.  Being so close to Kressa aroused him.  He ran upstairs for a quick cold shower to distract him.

After the shower, Brad decided to risk walking to his room in only a towel.  He figured Kressa should have already gone downstairs.  To his surprise, Kressa walked into the foyer at the exact moment he walked out the bathroom.  Her mouth dropped open and she covered her eyes.  Embarrassed, Brad rushed to his bedroom to get dressed.
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