Sunday, September 8, 2013

In Bed With Mr. Perfect Excerpt R rated

Heat from Ann’s hot body radiated into him. His cock jerked against his jeans as her hips pressed against his. Joe’s hands itched to touch her burning flesh.
She leaned back and cupped her hands on his cheeks. “We’ll see about that.” 
Before he had time to process her words, Ann’s lips moved over his, frying Joe’s brain cells.
Ann’s spicy flavor filled his senses. Blood pounded through his body, fueling his hunger for her. He let her spin him as the picture frame next to them fell to the floor. “God, Ann,” he panted.
“Touch me. Now,” she demanded, tugging at his jeans.
He grabbed her ass. Silk over supple flesh filled his hands as her hot body melted into his, his insides shaking with passion. Blood raged through his body in white-hot pulses. He knew it would be great between them, but he never figured he would lose it before they even started.
Tearing his lips from hers, he sucked in oxygen. “Fuck, Ann, you feel good.”
Her fingers fumbled at his fly. “Joe.”
“Bed. We need a bed.” He pushed Ann to her bedroom. His elbow slammed into the doorjamb. Pain radiated up his arm and blended with his raging needs. The heady combination exploded in his gut. “Fuck me.”
She staggered to the bed, sat and pushed the mound of pillows onto the floor.
All but falling on her, Joe ripped the flimsy fabric down her arms as he pushed her to the bed. The sound of stitching giving way filled the air. He tugged her bra straps over her shoulders. The desperate sounds of her moans clawed at his balls as her full tits spilled from their cups. Ann’s pink nipples puckered, begging him to taste them.
Saliva pooled in his mouth as he looked down at her. She was everything he could have imagined and more. “I have never seen anything so sexy in my life,” he said.
Her chest heaved and her breasts swayed, seducing him even more. His cock strained against his zipper, begging to be free. “Are you sure you want this?”
“Yes.” She licked her lips. Her fingers worked his fly over his throbbing shaft.
A victorious scream clogged his throat. He swallowed and gazed down into her shimmering blue eyes. Feelings he hadn’t let surface broke free from their restraints and poured through him, lifting him to a level of elation he hadn’t known existed.
Biting into her full bottom lip, Ann slid her hand around his dick. Ecstasy stabbed into him. He moaned, tugged down his pants and gazed down at woman of his dreams.
“Ann.” He shuddered and bit the inside of his cheek.
Ann’s sweet lips spread into a seductive smile. “Mmm.” She leaned in, her tongue darting out to flick lightly over his engorged cock head.
Wet heat washed over his dick, almost bringing him to madness. His knees buckled. He wrapped his hands in her cascade of hair and willed himself not to come.
She took him deep into her mouth. Her throat muscles milked the sensitive head of his cock. Joe’s world tipped on its axis. Short bursts of breath pushed past his lips. Nothing in his life could have prepared him for this moment. He’d spent years training and controlling his body and with one swipe of her tongue, she brought him to his knees. Resisting the urge to thrust himself down her throat, Joe squeezed his eyes shut. That made all the sensation more intense. This was what he’d been wanting for almost a decade. All the sleepless nights had been well worth it.
Pleasure crashed over him, hard and demanding. Her talented mouth danced over his cock in a ballet of pure ecstasy. Pleasure filled his soul, nearly ripping him open.
The burn deep inside him flared. Joe gripped her head and pulled out. “I’m going to come.”
Ann’s nails dug into his hips, stopping his retreat. “I want to taste you.” She slid her hot mouth down his shaft.
“Shit.” He was powerless when it came to her. “You feel so good.” Lights flashed behind his eyes. Rapture flooded over him in hungry waves. Spiking down his spine and erupting in his gut. Joe couldn’t hold back any longer. 
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