Sunday, September 8, 2013

Excerpt and Giveaway

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“Come on,” Chad grinned at her. She looked adorable with goggles covering almost half her face. “Let’s go see some fish.”
They jumped in the water and lowered masked faces into the bay. Before Chad knew what hit him, he heard a shriek and had an armful of sputtering Jennie. She had quite literally climbed up him and was clinging to his shoulders, legs and arms clamped around him as high up as she could go. It would be funny to anyone watching.
“Problem, Jen?” Chad grinned, trying to ignore his body’s immediate response to her. He refused to acknowledge the fact that at that moment, the string bikini she wore was giving him access to parts of Jennie’s body he’d only ever dreamed of touching.
Jennie bit her lip and nodded her head.
“And that would be...?” Damn, she’s cute.
“The fish,” Jennie said, eyes wide. “A fish touched my legs. It went right between my legs!”
Chad let a slow smile form. “I need to protect you from the fish?”
Jennie nodded. “They’re huge. And scary. And kind of gross.”
They were pretty big. Some of them were one-and-a-half feet long and about as wide around the middle as Chad’s forearm. He had expected smaller fish, too. But seeing her so freaked out was pretty damn cute. And holding her was pretty sexy. Really, really damn sexy, as a matter of fact. Chad put his hands around her waist and lifted her up to the dock, then let his hands skim down to her thighs – pretending to be Jennie’s concerned husband did have its perks.
“Want me to hold you in the water and see if that makes you feel better?” Say yes. No, say no. This is a bad idea… But, please say yes.
Before Jennie could answer, a fish jumped out of the water and splashed back in. Chad assumed it was trying to catch a bug skimming the surface of the water. Jennie must have assumed it was an attempt to eat her because she was up and running off the dock in a heartbeat. So much for Jack’s theory that Jennie Evans wasn’t afraid of anything.
Chad pulled himself out on the dock, trying not to laugh too hard – and losing that battle. He scooped up their beach bag and towels. The items quickly became crucial parts of Chad’s ensemble as he followed Jennie back to the villa. Watching the sway of her sweet ass as she hightailed it through the resort had him harder than he’d care to share with the other guests. With their belongings held casually in front of him to hide his predicament, Chad let himself enjoy the show. He’d have to shower with ice water when he got back to the villa, but it was worth it.
Jennie had the sexiest ass Chad had ever seen. That ass in a bikini?  

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Catherine Lee said...

That's why I don't swim in lakes or rivers or bays or oceans. Don't like swimming with 'da fishes! LOL.
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