Sunday, September 8, 2013

Negotiation Tactics by Lori Ryan Giveaway

Now that I've completed my third full length novel and one novella in the Sutton Capital Contemporary Romance Series, I've racked up a few tidbits of knowledge. I'm still learning and growing as a writer, but I've been blessed to have some great guides and mentors along the way. So, here are a few words of wisdom for new authors. 

First, always hire an editor. It's well worth it to pay for a developmental or content editor and to pay for a copy editor. The cost can range for these services but I've paid a total of between $280.00 to $400.00 per book and it has been worth the money. 

If you truly cannot put this money out, enlist a minimum of eight to ten friends and print your book out for them. Ask them to read it and mark errors or make suggestions. Tell them to circle any sentences or paragraphs that are confusing or that seem cumbersome. Ask them to tell you if there are parts of the plot that don't seem believable or that don't make sense. Tell them to question anything that doesn't pass muster. 

Second, join a critique group. This should be made of up people who are not your friends. Who are not going to pussy foot around you. Of course, criticism should be constructive and offered with respect rather than meant to hurt, but meeting with people who simply pat you on the back and tell you how great you are doesn't help your writing. I've gotten some fabulous feedback from the people in my critique group even though, at times, the feedback wasn't something I wanted to hear.

Lastly, learn from other authors. You can go to the websites, blogs or Facebook pages of your favorite authors and look to see if they have any articles on the craft of writing. Rebecca Zanetti has some fabulous articles on her site. Start there! 

To celebrate the release of Negotiation Tactics, Book Three of the Sutton Capital Series, I am giving away a $20.00 Amazon gift certificate. To enter to win, tweet about my book and then post your twitter username and email in the comments here for me and you're entered. I'll choose one of the entrants from this post at the end of the day and send the gift card by email. 

Choose one of these tweets:

"I laughed, scoffed, snorted, got teary, got worked up, angry, turned on and then sighed and said AW." 

Fall in love with Sutton Capital! Negotiation Tactics by @Loriryanauthor #greatbookdeal 5 stars 2.99 


Melissa Snark said...

Hi Lori,
Great to see you here today. You were my blog guest on the Snarkology a few months ago. Anyway, tweeted and FB'd for you. :)

Lori Ryan said...

Yes, I remember! Thank you for stopping by my post and for the tweets. I see you have a new book out, too! I'll go tweet for you,


Melissa Snark said...

Thanks, I appreciate it! :)

Lea O'Connor said...

Hi Lori, I read this last night and I LOVED it!! Happy to help spread the word. My twitter name is @LSkoog.

Lori Ryan said...

Lea - you won! Thank you both for entering to win:)