Sunday, September 8, 2013

Accidental Affair excerpt R-rated continued....

“Don’t fight it, Doc,” he whispered.  “You’ve taken care of me.  Now it’s my turn.”

He covered her with his mouth again and sucked lightly on her clitoris.  He kept the pressure constant and rhythmic, his tongue flicking back and forth.  She moaned and a wave of exhilaration rose inside him.  Her back arched, her legs tensed and she started to shake.  Her cries increased in volume and pitch.  Each gasp and whimper only fueled his need, his penis throbbing, but he was in no hurry.  He closed his eyes and continued his intimate kiss.  A few moments later her entire body coiled like a spring.  She went completely still and silent, and then the dam burst.

His name was wrenched from her lips and that wave of exhilaration rose higher, pushing his desire for her, and his feelings, to heights he’d never before experienced.  He imagined it was something akin to what fighter pilots felt when catapulting off an aircraft carrier: excitement, elation, and anticipation.  He continued to make love to her with his mouth as she climaxed, her body shuddering, her fingers clutching his head.  When the last spasm left her, she went limp and covered her face with her hands, her breath coming in short, ragged gasps.  Jack sat back on his heels, watching her, and an intense satisfaction welled up in him as color flooded her cheeks.

He ignored her embarrassment and kissed his way back up her body.  Her breasts were of particular interest to him and he focused on them, nibbling, licking, caressing.

Laine felt as if she’d just been turned inside out, ripples of pleasure pulsing through her.  She hadn’t been with a man since Nick, and this tender, deliberate attention was much more than she’d expected.  Jack continued to torment her and, try as she might it was impossible to catch her breath.  The climax he’d given her had been beyond intense, but despite her recent release her body still hummed with desire.  His touch left a trail of fire wherever it went, and his mouth set her nerves tingling.  Only moments had passed, but she wanted him again.

“Jack, stop,” she gasped.  “Please . . . stop.”

Before the words finished leaving her mouth he kissed her.  Laine’s body betrayed her and she found herself kissing him back.  He was like a narcotic, and her head spun as his tongue explored her mouth and his fingers her breasts.  When he pulled away she was breathless and dizzy.

“What did you say?” he asked in a teasing voice.

Laine met his silver gaze, and the tenderness she saw reflected in his eyes brought her up short.  Mindful of his shoulder, she pushed him onto his back and came up onto all fours over him.  They stared at each other for a moment, and then she lowered her head until her lips were no more than a hair’s breadth from his.
“I said,” she whispered, “stop it . . . some more.”


Aaaand...that's STILL not the end (oh, my!).  Check out Laine and Jack's crazy ride at:


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