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Here's an excerpt from Escorting Jessica, my new erotic contemporary romance from Breathless Press.

"Different how?" Jessica leaned forward, intrigued by Trevor's sudden change of tone. Her own reaction to the sex part of his business surprised her. She thought she'd find it disgusting, but talking about it had the opposite effect. Maybe it was because she hadn't been with a man in over a year. And she was sitting across from a hunk. But talking about it had her incredibly turned on.

Lowering his voice, he leaned forward to mirror her posture. "It's a fantasy service. I've done some research on what turns women on. What their secret fantasies are. My company is offering to fulfill some of those fantasies."

Her stomach tightened as warmth spread between her legs. "Sexual fantasies?"

His eyes gleamed wickedly as he nodded. "My customers are pleasured by many men at once."

Her mouth dropped open, so she snapped it shut. How many times had she daydreamed about that happening to her? "Like orgies?"

"Yes. But tailored to the client's desires."

"Wow. it safe? How do your employees know how far to go?"

He smiled and straightened his posture. "I'm there the whole time. The client has a safe word, so if she's had enough, it stops immediately. We've only had a few clients, but they've all signed up for another round."

Jessica swallowed. Her own multiple-partner fantasies flashed before her eyes. What would Trevor think about her if he knew she dreamed about the very service he offered? She picked imaginary lint off her shirt. "Is know...clean? How do you know?"

"My employees are screened regularly. We do extensive background checks, medical screenings, blood tests. They always wear condoms. We've got all the bases covered."

She gulped down what was left of her wine. "And you never participate?"

"Never. I just watch."

Heat rose on her cheeks, and she knew her face had to be reddening. An orgy with Trevor watching took second only to him being in it. Her mouth watered at the thought. "You must enjoy that. I mean...surely you get off to it, right?" She chewed on her hot pink fingernail, appalled that she'd said it. Where was this brazenness coming from? Must've been the wine.

He chuckled. "You'd think so, but not really. Like I said before, I'm making sure my employees are doing everything the client asked for. I go over the paperwork. It's just business." He shrugged.

"Well, you'd get off to it if I were the client."

He raised an eyebrow and took her hand in his. His voice lowered into a sexy, raspy tone. "I'm sure I would. Do you want to find out?"

She jerked her hand from his grasp, her heart racing in her breast. "I, ummm..." Where was her gall now? She wouldn't actually do it, would she?

He raised his hands in a show of innocence. "It was just an idea. We could do it like a business deal. You give my service a try—free of charge. If you like it, you can talk it up to any of your gym members who might be interested. You help me gain some more business, and I give you the ride of your life. What do you think?"

"Oh, I don't know." Was she really considering it? She took a deep breath to calm her nerves. Why not? She could always throw out the safe word if she changed her mind in the middle of it.

"But, what if I see the guys around town? It would be so awkward."

"Nah. You'll be blindfolded. They're mostly college students. A few older men. You'll have no idea who they are. It's part of the fun."

His wicked smile caused wetness to form between her thighs. She bit her bottom lip. Should she do it? Her hand trembled as she reached for her glass. Damn. It was empty.

"Okay, I'll do it."

"Really?" Surprise flickered in his eyes.

"Yes. Now let's stop talking about it before I change my mind."

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