Sunday, September 8, 2013

ESCORTING JESSICA by Carrie Pulkinen (adult content)

Escorting Jessica is my new erotic contemporary romance that's just been released with Breathless Press. It's the first non-paranormal story I've written, and I'm excited with how it turned out. I got the idea from a confession a friend told me about her own multiple-partner encounter, and I based the "services" Trevor's Escort Service provides on my friend's story.  I hope you have as much fun reading it as I had writing it!


Trevor has starred in Jessica's dreams since high school. Jessica had been the girl who eluded him. Can they start over or will Trevor's job get in the way?

Jessica Snider's dream is to be with Trevor. Unfortunately, just being near him has her burning with desire and babbling like a teenager. When she discovers her high school crush now runs a high-end male escort service, she doesn't know whether to be appalled or aroused.

Trevor Hill wants to fulfill Jessica's every fantasy—including multiple partners—but he wants her for himself as well. If he was hot for her in high school, he's sweltering for her now. However, he's afraid his job will come between them.

Trevor offers her a free—multiple partner—trial guaranteed to satisfy her wettest dreams. Jessica must find her composure and step into his world of sexual fantasies, but can she? Will Trevor convince her to trust his feelings for her and take him up on it? Or will this second chance slip away?

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Melissa Snark said...

Hi Jessica,

Love your cover! I'm adding this to my Goodreads TBR list. Posted to FB and Twitter for you.

I'm a fellow author on the Pavilion. I'm sure today will be a blast. :)

Melissa Snark said...

Doy! Sorry, Carrie! That's a classic pre-coffee me! *G*

Carrie Pulkinen said...

LOL! That's okay, Melissa! :)