Sunday, September 8, 2013

Giveaway goodness--one today and one later...

To go along with my blog tour, I'm running a contest for a $20 Amazon gift card, from now through October. I'll draw the winner on Nov. 1st. You'll get to read this 18+ excerpt to help you answer the question: What does Gabe want?

But today, just for you partiers, you've got the chance to win one of these e-books:

Enlightened Love
Primitive Passion
Finding Mr. Right is Murder
Tastes of Pleasure
Telekinetic Kisses

You can read blurbs and excerpts to them to help you decide which one you might like
at my web site:

Now to win one of these books, read the excerpt I posted earlier about the death card and tell me what Shylah sees on Gabe's face. But, so you're not all posting the answer here, email me the answer by 7 pm EST at and I'll pick a winner :)


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