Sunday, September 8, 2013

Along Came Pauly


Her name on Paul’s tongue sounded warm to Daria. She replaced the receiver sorry she wouldn't be spending the evening with him.

Now she had just a half of an hour to fix her hair and learn to walk better in these shoes.

She slipped the shoes back on, walked around, turning off lights.

Daria sighed. The domestic life had its charms, but she didn't think it would happen to her.

With one last “Goodnight” to the dogs, she waddled over to her cottage behind her office.

“Thirty minutes to beautiful hair.” She harrumphed, setting about making herself presentable despite her heart not being in it.

Samuel appreciated it when he picked her up thirty minutes later on the dot.


He helped her into his car, closing the door for her.

“I hope whatever you are trying to prove works. And is worth it.”

He patted her hand. “It will be.”

She sighed, not really sure.

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Melissa Snark said...

Morning Chris,
Promoted to FB and Twitter for you. I'm sure today will be fun as we celebrate our new releases. :)