Sunday, January 8, 2012

Where is Winter?

I live in Rhode Island, and it's supposed to be winter here. I went for a walk with my dog yesterday wearing a fleece coat. No hat, no gloves, no scarf. Not an icy patch to be seen. Not a single snowflake. No arctic wind whipping at my cheeks. I'm not complaining. I'm just's kind of weird.

When you grow up in New England, you expect January to be white and wicked. Usually, by this point, you would have shoveled your driveway at least six times, hurt your back doing so about three times, and not be able to see a damn thing over the snow piles as you try to navigate your white-washed car out of the driveway. You would have broken in your snowboots, busted an ice scraper or two, built ten snowmen, gone ice skating, sledding, snowshoeing. You would have slipped fourteen times on your front walkway as you made the treacherous journey from your front door to the mailbox. School would have been cancelled at least twice or been delayed an hour or dismissed early. Something.

You wouldn't be driving with your window down. Riding your bike would seem ridiculous because of all the sand on the roadways. Kids would not be playing basketball in the street. I mean, I actually saw a guy grilling steaks on his deck as if it were a summer day! Smelled damn good, but you're supposed to be eating chicken soup in the dead of winter, right?

Again--and let me stress this--I'm NOT complaining. I'm digging this new "tropical" Rhode Island. Forty and fifty degree temperatures in January are like a dream come true to me. While I don't mind the cold and I love the beauty of a fresh snowfall, I'm deathly afraid of driving in the white stuff. Deathly. Nice, dry, non-slippery roadways are a gift and I'll take as many days of this as I can get.

But still...there's a little voice in the back of my mind that's saying, "This isn't right. What's happening to the planet? Exactly how much trouble are we in?" Anyone else worried?

If you live in an area that's supposed to be buried under snow, but isn't, you can download ALASKA HEART to get a dose of winter fun. I'm pretty sure it'll warm you up more than cool you off though. ;)

What's your favorite winter activity?




Prudence MacLeod said...

I have noticed the same lack of winter up here in Newfoundland. Still no snow, just rain. However, I've noticed that winter comes later over the past few years. We'll probably get lots of snow in Feb. and March.

I know, Job's comforter. tee hee

Debby said...

I love in Connecticut and after that storm in October, I am glad we have a break right now.
debby236 at gmail dot com