Wednesday, January 18, 2012

How About Series?

Most readers like series. I'm a great fan of Michael Connolly with his LA detective Harry Bosch and Lee Childs with Jack Reacher, a loner who is impossible to describe.
So, back in 2009, I took a look at all the series I'd conceived and never finished the first book in and made a New Year's Resolution that I couldn't create any mor e series until I finished the first book in any series I felt was still viable. This left me still able to write any non-series story I came up with, but would force me to also do those first books. I figured I could zip through those first books in no time.
Started with Darkness of Dragons Trilogy. Devine Destinies liked the firat book, Dragon's Pearl, but then immediately wanted the other two. Dumb me hadn't counted that in. So I finished that trilogy.
Next was Dangerous Darkness, a four book series. Finished the first, Shadow On The Floor, and Red Rose Publishing then wanted the rest. Just finished the third. One more to go.
Champagne Books brought the first of my Dagon House Trilogy , Taken In, out on New Year's Day. Two more of those to write.
Eternal Press has the first two books of the Underworld Sereis, Unwise and Unwanted and I'm writing the third. Three more to go there.
I have four more series to write the first book in, but have cut myself some slack until I get a bit more caught up here. Nice to have sales, but sometimes I feel I've created an endless monster.

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Debby said...

I enjoy reading series. One thing I hate though is starting in the middle.,

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