Sunday, January 8, 2012

Nailing My New Year’s Resolutions

Happy 2012 everyone!

I'm Gale Stanley and I live in the City of Brotherly Love, with my hubby and two talkative Tonkinese cats, Buffy and Spike. I write erotic romance for SirenBookstrand and Silver Publishing and I feel like I have the best job in the world. My stories are smokin' hot, but at the heart of each story is a romance.
A new year and a new release. A CHANCE ENCOUNTER is a MM paranormal romance due out January 21st. And you can win an ebook copy. Just follow my blog (Esteemed Followers on the sidebar) and leave a comment under Saturday's post with your email address. I’ll pick a winner at midnight EST.
I have a few resolutions for the new year and I'm putting them out here so they're down in writing and I'll have to keep them. Right?
I resolve to stop biting my nails. When I was a kid I always hated the way my hands looked, especially when people noticed my fingers and commented. Eventually I stopped, but when I started writing, I started biting. Now my nails look horrible again, I can’t even polish them. So I’m making this a top priority.
I resolve to try harder to get into shape. Every year, I make the same New Year’s resolution – to diet. I want to lose weight but as the year progresses I always find myself snacking on the couch while watching my favorite reality shows. So this year I’m not using the word, diet. I resolve to change my eating habits and walk more.
Write, write, write. I resolve to give up a few TV shows so I can read and write more. 
I’d love to hear yours.
Happy 2012!


Stephanie Morris said...

Hi Gale! I love your work! I was simply captivated by The Gentlemen's Club series. Also nice to meet another fellow Siren-Bookstrand author.

Gale Stanley said...

Thanks so much! I'm looking forward to chatting more.

Debby said...

I am going to love my family more. NOt that I didn't last year but I want to show it more.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Gale Stanley said...

Thanks Debbie. I'm adding your resolution to my list. They know I love them, but everybody needs to hear it said. Gale