Sunday, January 8, 2012

Post-holiday Blues

I love Christmas. The decorations, the baking, the parties, the magic! The time from Thanksgiving to Christmas is so full of anticipation. I don't even know what I'm anticipating anymore, but I feel the excitement just the same. Santa has long since stopped coming with something for me, but the holiday spirit is alive and well inside me.

Now, after the first week of January has passed, I'm officially bummed. The go-go-go engine of the holidays has ground to a halt and there's...there's...well...there's nothing to look forward to. I've taken down the Christmas decorations. The twinkly lights are back in their boxes. The stockings are rolled up and packed away. The only thing left is the apple-cinnamon candle that I haven't burned all the way down yet. I figure I'll hang onto at least the smell of Christmas for a little longer. Pathetic, right? Sigh.

I froze some Christmas cookies, because good Goddess, I couldn't eat them all. Well, I could, but that would come with some harsh side effects I'm sure. I'll nibble on them here and there and remember how much fun I had baking them. Santa would totally hire me for his bakery in the North Pole. :)

I have to remember not to let the post-holiday blues get me down. I'm going to look to my New Year's resolutions and get cracking on that list. It's a long one, full of goals and hopes. Time to reach for the stars, take the leap, chase the dreams. You know the drill.

I'm working on a new story that takes place in Boston. I'm excited about this project and hope it will keep me busy. Nothing like playing with new characters to combat the quiet of January.

What are you doing to keep busy in 2012? 

If you want a fun read to entertain you, try THE LAST STALLION. It's about a New Year's resolution that's a little difficult to keep.


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Debby said...

Something to be said for those blues. ONce you take a deep breath, you do wonder.
debby236 at gmail dot com

sashagirl said...

I feel the same way about the Holidays...I, too, put a bag of homemade Christmas cookies in the freezer to enjoy slowly over the next few weeks as well as a chunk of fruit cake 9I love good fruit cake!). But, as you, I look forward to 2012 and all it'll bring. More writing. More stories told. And for me, it'll bring my 40 year writing career full circle with the rereleasing of my first ever romantic horror novel EVIL STALKS THE NIGHT republished on July 1, 2012 (originally a 1984 Leisure paperback)...and that makes me sooo happy. I never gave up through the long years of ups and downs. Now, today, all these years later I have 14 book babies and 8 short story babies to be proud of. Ah, time. How swift it goes. HAPPY NEW YEAR sister writer and to all the other sister authors here. Warmly, author Kathryn Meyer Griffith