Sunday, January 8, 2012

What Happens After the Wedding?

Does “I do” always guarantee a happily ever after? Not if the people in that marriage refuse to change their ways of looking at life and their patterns of behaviour. When patterns of behaviour are ingrained due to issues of self-image and childhood programming then the prospect of changing is even more daunting.

This is the underlying conflict in my new release, White Lace & Promises. New York Merchant Prince Grey Sexton may have decided to commit himself in marriage and offer Beth McConnell the protection and position of his name but has he really changed his mode of operation in relationships?

After an idyllic courtship where Grey had been generous with his time and attention, Beth is shocked at the compartmentalized life he expects to live as a married man. With Beth won and his at last, Grey put his business as first priority and everything else, including his bride, second.

Having grown up without a father of her own, she knows all too painfully how important it is that he play a vital role in their home life.  She comes to realize that she must stand up to him and demand that he change his outlook before she can start a family with him.

However, this is the first time Beth’s two worlds have come into collision with each other. Grey is the first person to know her as Beth the seductress and Elizabeth the dutiful sister and aunt. She shows a softer, far more vulnerable side to herself here than in Grey’s Lady as she struggles to find a way to bring these two sides of herself together. She also must cope with her half-siblings' increasing pleas that she share her newfound wealth with them. Because he sees himself primarily in the role of provider and protector, Grey is determined to separate Beth from the family he can only view as opportunistic leaches that play on her affections. This only increases the tension for Beth as she tries to find the right balance between being a proper lady and being herself.

In addtion, there’s something very near and dear to Grey that his behavior also affects. He can’t see it as clearly as Beth can and he dismisses it until it is almost too late.

Under the weight of all these issues, their marriage comes to an impossible impasse. Grey has what he thinks is the best of all possible solutions. Can Beth accept it or will she be forced to walk away from everything she never realized she wanted?

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