Sunday, January 8, 2012

Gale Stanley: Let's Talk About Romance

I’m Gale Stanley and I write erotic romance – the emphasis is on romance for a reason. My stories may have explicit sexual scenes but at heart, they are love stories, with all the emotion and conflict readers want.

When I was a kid the closest I came to romance were my mother’s True Story and True Confession magazines and I was forced to read them under the covers with a flashlight. We thought they were pretty risqué at the time with their romantic dramas that ran the gamut of adultery, unwed pregnancy, disease and even rape. But those tales of sex and sin pale in comparison to today’s romance novels.

One thing remains the same, readers like their stories to focus on the relationship between the characters. They want to see the romance develop, the conflicts resolved and the hero and heroine have an emotionally satisfying happily ever after.

In an erotic romance the reader gets the whole package, a love story and a look inside the bedroom. I love writing the sex scenes as much as reading them. The biggest challenge is to keep them unique so the story doesn’t start to sound like a how-to book. I try to focus on the characters and their personalities. Their emotional response and sexual chemistry add a whole new dimension to each scene.

We’ve come a long way. I think it’s great that the barriers have come down and writers can deal frankly with social and sexual mores and give the readers what they want. Of course some people still ask me “have you written anything that I can read?’ And if my mother were still here, I’m sure I’d still be hiding my books under the mattress.
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melanie said...

Is it too late? I just saw this posted on Goodreads. And the book sounds great. New author and publisher for me.

Please enter me if the contest is still on.

Debby said...

I love reading erotic romance because it does give you everything.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Gale Stanley said...

I entered you both. Thanks so much for stopping by. Gale

qbee2 said...

If it's not too late, I'd love to be entered into the contest too! The book sounds great!


Gale Stanley said...

Got you Maya. I'll pick a winner at midnight. Good luck!