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Start your year with a switch!

Hi everyone,
I am Dana Littlejohn, multi-published erotic romance author. For this post I'd like to share a little about my latest release The Seven Year Switch. This book gives an inside look of what could happen if one decided to flip the traditional roles of the husband and wife.

Sonja Winters enjoyed the good life with a great job and being married to the man of her dreams. As she prepared to celebrate their seven year anniversary, she came across a secret her husband had kept from her. It would alter the course of their marriage forever.


Sonja was stunned to silence. Her gaze narrowed as she looked at Bianca.
“He is very proud of you. Did you know Kyle credits the growth of his company to you? He says you have always given him the encouragement he has needed, and the advice you supply him with helps his company prosper even in these hard economic times.”
She made a conscious effort to bring her drink to her lips. Her heavy breathing fogged the chilled glass as she swallowed its contents in two gulps. Sonja’s chest heaved. She closed her eyes and concentrated on breathing through her nose as the glass rocked absently back and forth between her hands.
“Please do not be angry, darling. Men find it much easier to confide in their dominatrix because there is no need for fear here. They can express their deepest desires to me because I am here to fulfill them. That is why they come.”
Sonja’s eyes popped open. “My husband has no business sharing his feelings with anyone but me,” she said through gritted teeth.
“I tend to agree. I have had to punish him a great deal, because he feels very guilty about coming to me.”
“I’m not liking the fact that you have punished him at all,” she stated coldly.
“I can see that, but I only do what he needs me to do. He would much rather it be you that ruled over him in such a way and not me at all.”
“How long has he been coming to you?”
“Off and on for three years.”
Sonja scoffed. “What? No. You must be mistaken. He doesn’t have that kind of time.”
“Kyle has learned to suppress his need to be dominated over the years, but it has never left him. In the last two years, his visits have increased. He comes here in lieu of going to the gym,” she explained calmly. 
Sonja placed the empty stemware on the coffee table. “Whoa, wait a minute. He’s been lying to me all this time about going to the gym when he has in fact been coming here?”
“I don’t know about every time, but he started coming here regularly in this last year.”
Sonja tilted her head and blinked rapidly. “How often?” she finally asked.
“Every Thursday.”
“But…yesterday was Thursday.”
Bianca nodded. Comprehension hit Sonja like a slap in the face. Sonja slumped into the corner disorientated, staring blankly at her lap.
“How could he cheat on me like this? I love him and I thought he loved me.”
Bianca refilled Sonja’s glass and handed it back to her. “There has been no cheating. Kyle and I have never had sexual intercourse, nor would we ever. It is not about sex.”
Sonja sputtered. “Just because there was no sex doesn’t mean it isn’t cheating. He comes out here to see you, pays you to do whatever you do to him with our money, all behind my back! The betrayal is far worse than any physical act he could have done.”
“I do what is required to keep him sane,” Bianca stated evenly.
“Sane? What do you know of his sanity? You’re a damn dominatrix!” Sonja snapped.
“I was not always a dominatrix, Sonja. I know more than you think about the sanity of others.”
Sonja rolled her eyes. “Really? And how is that?”
“I am a psychologist.”
Sonja almost spilled her drink as she tilted the glass toward her face. “What?”
“Yes, I left my practice to do this full time. There was a need to help lots of men out there and I decided my skill and education would be more useful helping them in this way.”
Sonja shook her head. “This whole situation is ludicrous. I can’t believe he would do this to me.”
“This is not about you, Sonja. All of this is about him.”
 “Excuse me? How can you say it isn’t about me? I am his wife! He is leaving me to come see you,” she yelled pointing accusingly at her. “How is that not about me?”
Bianca spoke softly. “Because his reason for coming to see me is to get the satisfaction he was not receiving at home.”
Sonja glared across the couch at her. “So what are you saying? I’m not capable of satisfying my husband?”
Bianca’s tone was serene in the face of Sonja’s wrath. “I am sure you have the ability to do whatever you put your mind to. I just do not think you have the necessary knowledge.”
“What?” Sonja said through a clenched jaw. “I have been satisfying him for the last ten years.”
“My time with Kyle says differently, but if you will allow yourself to be taught what he really wants, then you could make him extremely happy for many years to come.”
Sonja leaned toward her challengingly. “What the hell makes you think you know what will satisfy him and I don’t?”
“Because he told me,” she answered simply.
Available now at Muse it Hot! Be sure to follow this book when it goes on tour February 20th-March 2nd. Follow its progress and comment along the way and you could be the one to win the prizes!
Dana Littlejohn


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