Sunday, January 8, 2012

(Adult excerpt) In Wicked Chains by Avril Ashton

Elina crumpled to the floor in a quivering heap after Kingston yanked the belt from her wrists. Finally, she knew what his touch felt like on her skin. She’d have proof, real-life images in her head when she went to sleep tonight. But did she pass his test? Had she shown him she could take whatever he dished out?

She lifted her head. He sat next to her on the floor, his back against the couch. His head was thrown back, eyes closed, fists clenching and unclenching at his side.

She swallowed. “King?” He didn’t move, but his jaw flexed. “Kingston, look at me. Please?’

His eyes opened slowly. Pain, lust, and for a brief flash, fear stared at her from his blacker than black gaze. “I can’t do this with you. I won’t.”

“Why?” She scrambled to her feet. Warm moisture slid down her legs. His gaze dipped, settling at the juncture of her thighs before leaping back to her face. He struggled with something, but kept his lips sealed.

“Why won’t you do this with me?” Lips and limbs trembling, she asked, “Is it because of him, my father?’

His eyes flashed. “I’m not going to judge you by your father’s actions, El.” He glanced away. “Besides, we’re kind of in the same unlucky boat when it comes to parents.” 

“Then why?” Elina caught herself before she dropped to her knees. Begging a man to want her, to need her was so beneath the Vicente image, but she couldn’t make herself care. This was Kingston, the man she’d wanted from day one, the one she dreamed of at night, the name she called out in moments of stolen self-pleasure.

He blanked his features. “You’ve been through some stuff with your father and I’d never hold it against you, but today is the first time I’ve seen you be stubborn, be assertive, be…someone other than Elina Vicente, daughter of a dead gangster.”

Tears burned her eyes. “That must tell you something. It must tell you that I want this.” She stepped forward, held out a quivering hand. “I’m offering up myself to you, King. I’m willing to take whatever you dish out.” The words broke in her throat and she had to force them out, but it wasn’t from fear. Anticipation and the thrill of finally admitting her wants and needs to the man who made those emotions come alive was the cause.

What happens if he turns me down?

He jerked upright. “It tells me you still have no idea what you’re asking for. No idea what the words you’re saying really mean.”

“I allowed you to touch me. Make me…” She dropped her hand and pursed her lips.

“Come. That’s the word you’re looking for.” He pushed off the floor and stood, arms folded, deep gaze glued to hers. “I made you come, Elina. You can’t even say it, can you?” 

“Of course I can say it,” she scoffed. “Come. See?” Despite her bold words, heat still swept her face and neck.

Kingston’s mouth twitched. “Yeah, you’re a regular dirty-talker.” He approached slowly, crowding her. She couldn’t hide the reflexive flinch, but managed to squelch the urge to retreat.

I’ve got to be strong. Show him I can do this.

His hand snaked around her waist and yanked her close. His breath feathered across her forehead. Elina shivered and gulped his scent into her lungs. At the faint hint of patchouli, her eyelids fluttered.

“You’re tough, right?” Up close, his words rumbled in her ear.

She nodded up at him.

He grinned, nostrils flared. “Show me.”


“Touch me.” He grabbed her right wrist and laid her palm on his chest. The muscles jumped under his black t-shirt. “Touch me.”

She curled her fingers, teeth digging into her bottom lip. And now came the time to really show and prove. While she had no problems with Kingston’s hand on her body, her confidence surely didn’t extend to being the one who did the touching. Her experiences with Niko were limited to being on the receiving end, except the time she got him drunk and climbed him. Even then, she barely did anything.

“Your hesitation tells me I’m right, you’re not ready.” Kingston’s words interrupted her thoughts.

Usted puede hacer esto, Elina. You can do this. Elina put those words on permanent repeat in her mind and lifted her hand from his chest. Reaching up and behind him, she pulled out the rubber band holding his thick braids in place. They spilled over his shoulders, framing his face and giving him a wild, untamed appearance.

“Shake them,” she whispered.

He did. Tilting his head back, he shook his head with rapid moves. The braids flew around, beauty in motion. When he stopped, she did what she’d wanted to the second she laid eyes on Kingston. She sank her fingers into his hair and wrapped a few stands around her fingers.

His gaze burned her, face inscrutable. She met his eyes and emotions swamped her. “I’ve wanted to do that forever,” she confessed in a husky voice. And today most—if not all—of her dreams came true.

“What else have you always wanted to do?” Kingston shifted his weight from one foot to the other. “Show me.”

A little braver, a little more in control of her runaway emotions, Elina did. She removed her hand from his hair and cupped his cheek. His closely shaved facial hairs tickled her palm. She kept her eyes on her hand as she swiped her thumb over his cheekbone.

And again her hand shook. Breath left her in heavy pants. She leaned into him and pressed her nose to his throat. Kingston jerked, then stiffened. His arms rose as if to hold her in place, but dropped back to his sides.

Elina inhaled the salty scent on his skin. Whimpers fell from her lips. Kingston’s chest rose and fell in rapid movements. She swore she heard the thudding of his heart, felt it in his pulse. Nose to him, she slid a hand down his chest and lifted the hem of his t-shirt. His body went back to taut, but she ignored him, dragging the tip of her fingernail across his exposed flesh.

The groaned word vibrated in his chest. Triumph raced through her body. She’d made him feel.

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