Sunday, January 8, 2012

Hi Everyone

Hi everyone, I'm Tasarla Romaney and I'm here to promote my book The Warrior Queen. The second book in The Night of the Gryphon series. It's a young adult fantasy. Sooooo…. Now that the formal stuff is out of the way, I thought I'd share some of why I like to write fantasy.

First, is because the limitations are merely what I place on myself BUT this comes with a big responsibility. If I'm writing about the Statue of Liberty, it's safe to assume even if the reader has never been to the monument, they've seen pictures. One of the animal guides in my series has six eyes, eight legs, and three tails; it's safe to assume the reader has never encountered such an animal in their life so I need to write so the reader sees it.

Second, is at the heart of every fantasy is the basic struggle of good over evil. I've taken this and blurred the lines. Unlike Samwise Gamgee, of The Lord of the Rings who is good and never falters, my characters struggle with their assigned roles of dark and light. As one my characters say, he has learned few things are as they appear. On the quest through the three books, all characters are plagued with doubts if they truly 'good' enough to the light or 'bad' enough to be dark.

Third, is I love the escape fantasy offers. I read all genres of books but when my day or week has been especially trying, nothing 'takes me away' like losing myself in a fantasy. There is nothing that brings back to the harshness of my world. It is total make believe. And I want to offer that type of escape to my readers. Take a trip into a world never before explored. Follow five young adults as they struggle not only with their self-doubts, heartbreak, but rolling furballs who eat flesh, giant bird-like beast who are controlled by ghouls, and creatures so destructive they could reside only in the realm of nightmares to name just a few.


Debby said...

Great post. Loved what you said.
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Tasarla said...

Thanks so much