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Riding the Pulse - Erotic Sci-Fi Superhero Fiction....Really!

Riding the Pulse
by Sam Cheever

Categories: Erotic Fantasy, Science Fiction
Book Length: 107 pages
Book Type: eBook
Publisher: ChangelingPress
ISBN: 978-1-60521-722-2


Marissa O'Neill and Jurden Bailey share a past they don't remember, though it's haunted their dreams for a decade. In their teens, they encountered something powerful in a cave in Mexico, and it changed them forever. But it isn't until they meet again, years later, that they realize just how much they've changed.

Suddenly they have powers -- super powers -- and they don't know how they're supposed to use them or why they have them. All they know is that sex seems to trigger the power and enhance it. And that's one trigger they're happy to explore.
But something alien and terrifying is trying to kill them, and it won't give up until it gets what they don't even know they have -- the single remaining object that can tie an advanced, alien race to much of Earth's history.

If only Rissa weren't so distracted by the things Jurden's vibrating finger can do!


Rissa panted beside him, her body still riding the aftershocks of her orgasm. Her muscles continued to buzz with residual power. After a moment, when the buzzing didn’t lessen but, instead, seemed to grow, Rissa lost her afterglow and grew concerned. She sat up, holding her middle and frowning. Her stomach tightened painfully. She realized her lungs had contracted too. Panic rolled through her.

“What’s wrong, honey?” Jurden touched her cheek and snatched his hand away. “Your skin’s so cold it hurts.”

She looked at him, a plea in her eyes. “Something’s not right.”

He nodded, climbing out of bed. “We’ll get you to the hospital.”

She grabbed his arm as he started to drag his jeans on over a semi-erect penis. He didn’t even take the time to grab his boxers. He glanced at her. “What is it, Rissa?”

“Something’s wrong…”

“I know, that’s why we’re going…”

“No! Not with me. Out there.” She lifted a hand toward the window as a knot twisted hard in her belly, causing her to cry out and double over in pain. Rissa didn’t know how she knew it, but she knew that someone needed their help. And she also knew that the pain wouldn’t stop until she listened to the warning her body was giving her. “I have to help them…”

“Help who?” Jurden glanced toward the window and then back at her, unsure what to address first. But when Rissa cried out and dropped into a fetal position on the bed, his decision was made. He hurried around the bed and scooped her up into his arms. “I’m taking you to the hospital, now. We’ll deal with everything else later.”

“No!” She pushed at his chest. “Let me get dressed.”

He looked down and realized she was naked. “Yeah. That’s probably a good idea.” He settled her on the edge of the bed and turned away to collect some jeans and a T-shirt.
As he yanked drawers open, flinging garments around the room in his rush to select clothing he could easily drag over her legs and arms, the room exploded in light and throbbed with a concussive wind sound. He wrenched around, horror tightening his throat in anticipation of what he would find. He gaped, his mouth hanging open. A pair of fire engine red, silk panties dropped from his suddenly nerveless fingers.

“I know where we need to go,” Rissa told him.

“Arggh, gurgle, gack…” was all Jurden could manage.

She stomped a foot impatiently -- or rather a giant claw. “This is no time to screw around, Jurden!”

“Uggle, bleurgh, cuggg…”

“Jurden!” An enormous pair of silvery wings flapped angrily, and Rissa’s stunningly beautiful face went still. She turned her head slowly and took note of the wings flapping behind her.
“Wha… What the hell!” She looked down and took in the giant claws at the end of a pair of deformed, silver legs. “I’m a flippin’ bird?” 

Her voice screeched painfully. 

Jurden dropped the clothes and covered his ears. “From my college days studying mythology, I’d say you’re more like a harpy,” he told her in as soothing a tone as he could manage under the circumstances.

She was beautiful, and slightly terrifying. When she opened her mouth he saw that it was filled with rows of jagged teeth, which looked like they’d be good at ripping flesh -- or metal -- into ribbons. Her torso and head were covered in shimmery silver feathers, and her arms, which were human-shaped to the elbows, flared into wings from the elbows down. Her torso was human-shaped too, but her thighs were massive, and her slender calves ended in enormous, clawed feet.

Rissa’s mouth opened to argue with him, but in her agitation she flapped her wings, knocking the bedside lamp to the floor and lifting her off the ground several inches.

She panicked and threw her upper body forward, plunging toward the ground. As she fell, she whacked Jurden in the face with a wing. He was knocked to his knees from the powerful strike. “Holy crap, girl, get control of those things!” Blood trickled down his face from his nose.

“Sorry!” She tried to push herself off the ground with her hands but realized too late that she didn’t have any. She made a sound of frustration, and her wings flapped again, knocking the bottles and a couple of pictures off the top of her dresser. “Argh!”

Jurden ducked beneath her wings and grabbed her around the waist, dragging her back to her feet. He held her waist until she lowered her wings. “I guess you figured out how to turn into something else.” He grinned at her. “I’m finding myself strangely attracted to you in your new form.”

She glared at him. The buzzing under her skin had increased, giving her a sense of impending doom. “We need to get moving.”

Jurden glanced at the discarded clothing and then back at her. “I guess you won’t be needing clothes.”

Magic, Adventure, Love on the Run (young adult)
"Ms. Cheever writes with class, humor and lots of fun
 while weaving an excellent story." The Romance Studio


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I love Sam's stories but have not read one in a bit. This one I should read.
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Sam Cheever said...

Hey Debby! I hope you enjoy it! Thanks for stopping by.