Sunday, January 8, 2012

Excerpt: Taming the Alter Ego

“Miss Haley, may I have a word?”
The unquestioning respect was almost as thrilling as Tom addressing me directly, which caused a distinctive warmth to spread through my chest. I still noticed he only seemed able to hold my gaze for a short time. The almost imperceptible flicker of his eyes excited me, making my pussy pulsate.
I knew there would be no negative comeback for my daring act. His amazing timidity was unlike most of Management, so full of bluster. Tom was the quiet type, not needing overblown actions to demonstrate his authority.
I searched his face for a sign of the discovery, curiosity building from the previous day.
Nicholas had called around three o’ clock, by which time I had already guessed their lunch would be an extended one. Fortunately, he was too inebriated to
read anything into me questioning whether Tom would also not return. I was
disappointed, knowing the chance to discover whether alcohol would loosen his
tongue and bolster his courage was lost.
After several trips past my door, Tom entered with me in his sights rather than Nicholas.
Nerves were immediately evident, a cough concluding the question uttered in his
rich deep tone.
“Of course.” My reply, like my directed gaze, exhibited composure, displaying no
sign of my suddenly increased heart rate. “Please call me Mariella.”
I could barely contain my elation at hearing him say my name for the first time, forcing me to
knit my tingling fingers together beneath the desk. Willing him to find a
reason to repeat it, I appeared effortlessly composed as I waited for him to
Slipping his hands into his trouser pockets, my gaze briefly drew to his crotch. “You’re
probably aware I’m yet to find an assistant.”
I nodded somberly, as if concerned by his serious problem.
“Interviews are on-going,” he offered, like I’d requested elaboration.
Saying nothing, I continued to hold him with a steady gaze, patiently awaiting the
conclusion of our maiden conversation.
“In the meantime, I’d appreciate your help.”
Sweet satisfaction immediately surged through my insides, rushing past my heart like
it was a rock in the middle of a rapid river but showing no sign.
“Nicholas speaks very highly of you,” he added, before I could reply. “I’m sure you wouldn’t
find it too difficult.”
I wanted to laugh—his attempt to butter me up so careful and yet so unnecessary. “I like to think I do my job well and I’m glad to have that recognized.”

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Great excerpt. Lots of unspoken communication.
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